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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-04-17Update to 1.13.12Sergey Shatunov
2018-03-25Update to 1.13.10Sergey Shatunov
2018-02-21Update to 1.13.9Sergey Shatunov
2018-02-20Update to 1.13.8Sergey Shatunov
2017-10-31Update to 1.13.6Sergey Shatunov
2017-09-08Update to nginx 1.13.5Sergey Shatunov
2017-08-12Disable chopping nginx versionSergey Shatunov
2017-08-12Update to 1.13.4Sergey Shatunov
2017-07-14Fix configure error on nginx 1.13.3Sergey Shatunov
2017-07-14Update to nginx 1.13.3Sergey Shatunov
2017-07-01Update to 1.13.2Sergey Shatunov
2017-06-16Add aarch64 supportSergey Shatunov
2017-06-15Add libxslt dependencySergey Shatunov
2017-06-15Initial releaseSergey Shatunov