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2019-09-10Merge branch 'nteract-bin_0.15.0' into 'master' Conor Anderson (bot)
2019-07-16Merge branch 'nteract-bin_0.14.4' into 'master' Conor Anderson (bot)
2019-05-24Merge branch 'nteract-bin_0.14.3' into 'master' Conor Anderson (bot)
2019-05-07Merge branch 'nteract-bin_0.14.2' into 'master' Conor Anderson (bot)
2019-04-23Merge branch 'nteract-bin_0.14.0' into 'master' Conor Anderson (bot)
2019-04-05Merge branch 'nteract-bin_0.13.0' into 'master' Conor Anderson (bot)
2018-11-07Bot-powered version bump. Conor Anderson (bot)
2018-10-26Bot-powered version bump. Conor Anderson (bot)
2018-10-24Bot-powered version bump. Conor Anderson (bot)
2018-10-01Bot-powered version bump. Conor Anderson (bot)
2018-09-11Bot-powered version bump. Conor Anderson (bot)
2018-08-15Bot-powered version bump. Conor Anderson (bot)
2018-08-09Bot-powered version bump. Conor Anderson (bot)
2018-08-01Bot-powered version bump. Conor Anderson (bot)
2018-07-16Bot-powered version bump. Conor Anderson (bot)
2018-06-29Automated version bumpConor Anderson
2018-06-17Automated version bumpConor Anderson
2018-03-18Automated version bumpConor Anderson
2018-03-14Fix iconConor Anderson
2018-03-13Automated version bumpConor Anderson
2018-03-07Automated version bumpConor Anderson
2018-02-13updpkgsumsConor Anderson
2018-02-09Fix and bumpConor Anderson
2018-02-06remove LICENSEDaniel Chen
2018-02-06used the wrong link, fixed to amd64Daniel Chen
2018-02-06fix conflictsDaniel Chen
2018-02-060.7.0Daniel Chen
2018-01-27Version bump.Conor Anderson
2017-12-180.4.3 Battailous BattaniDaniel Chen
2017-10-04v0.3.1Daniel Chen
2017-10-03forgot sha256Daniel Chen
2017-10-03v0.3.0 avowed avogadroDaniel Chen
2017-08-26add the deb abd licence stuff backDaniel Chen
2017-08-26v0.2.0Daniel Chen
2017-03-30Add optdeps for additional kernelsConor Anderson
2017-03-29thanks Conor Anderson for the update!Daniel Chen
2017-03-22reset back to v0.0.13Daniel Chen
2017-03-220.1.0Daniel Chen
2016-10-11v0.0.13 inital aur submissionDaniel Chen