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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-02Update to v6.17Daniel Appelt
2020-04-12Update to v6.16Daniel Appelt
2019-03-19Update to v6.15Daniel Appelt
2019-03-18Update to v6.14.2Daniel Appelt
2019-01-25Correct package folder nameDaniel Appelt
2019-01-25Update checksum to v6.14 patch version 2Daniel Appelt
2019-01-25Update v6.14 and -bin package renameDaniel Appelt
2018-05-11Update to v6.13Daniel Appelt
2017-09-01Update to version 6.12Daniel Appelt
2016-02-09Update to openmusic release 6.10.1-2Daniel Appelt
2015-07-11Initial importDaniel Appelt