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2020-01-05Fix gcc9.2 issue (
2019-06-30switch gcc-6 > gcc-9bartus
2018-07-17remove upstream marged patchbartus
2018-07-15remove upstream included pachesbartus
2018-07-11mail updatebartus
2018-06-12fix missing targe_link_librarybartus
2018-05-11drop gcc to v6 as v8 cause an issuebartus
2018-04-09fix missing lz4 linker flag till flann gets patchedbartus
2018-04-06findflann.cmake.patch v0.12 enabling external flannbartus
2018-03-28fix library issue, switch to branch developbartus
2016-08-16Switch to external Eigen3 so external ceres-solver has latest Eigen. This fi...Kyle Brooks
2016-05-01Initial commit.Kyle Brooks