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2017-12-31tup is no longer neededhalosghost
2017-01-05passing PREFIX for `make` is no longer neededhalosghost
2016-11-07build now needs the prefix to be specified in ./configure as well as install-...halosghost
2016-04-05Now that community/pbpst is a thing; we need to provide/conflict with ithalosghost
2016-03-21bump pkgverhalosghost
2016-01-13Update for sphinx-build 1.3.4 and new build stylehalosghost
2015-11-23Use the Makefilehalosghost
2015-11-20new tagged releasehalosghost
2015-08-14Add the db man pagehalosghost
2015-08-10Add jansson dephalosghost
2015-07-14Name change!halosghost