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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-05-29Upstream update: release 2.1Peter Mattern
2018-05-29Polish due to adoptionPeter Mattern
2016-12-06Use sha256sumsMichael Straube
2016-12-04Cleanup PKGBUILDMichael Straube
2015-12-11Update to 1.7.13Ofer Kashayov
2015-11-13Update to 1.7.1 fixedOfer Kashayov
2015-11-13Update to 1.7.1Ofer Kashayov
2015-08-08Update to 1.6.17Ofer Kashayov
2015-07-04Update to 1.6.6Ofer Kashayov
2015-07-04Update to 1.6.5Ofer Kashayov
2015-06-26Update to 1.6.2 PR2Ofer Kashayov
2015-06-26Update to 1.6.2Ofer Kashayov
2015-06-24Initial importOfer Kashayov