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2020-10-31Updating to v4.1.0Joseph R. Quinn
2020-07-26Updating to v4.0.6Joseph R. Quinn
2020-02-17Fixing pkgver()Joseph R. Quinn
2020-02-03Updating to tag 4.0.3Joseph R. Quinn
2020-01-30Updating to tag 4.0.3Joseph R. Quinn
2020-01-03Correcting pkgver functionJoseph R. Quinn
2019-11-18Updating to release candidate 3Joseph R. Quinn
2019-10-30Adding Packager fieldJoseph R. Quinn
2019-10-30Adding Packager field.Joseph R. Quinn
2019-10-28Correcting LICENSEJoseph R. Quinn
2019-10-28Initial CommitJoseph R. Quinn