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2020-11-25upgpkg: pkgtop-git 2.4.r0.g639b2fe-2orhun
2020-11-25upgpkg: pkgtop-git 2.4.r0.g639b2fe-2orhun
2020-10-07upgpkg: pkgtop-git 2.4.r0.g639b2fe-1orhun
2020-09-14upgpkg: pkgtop-git 2.4.r0.g639b2fe-1orhun
2020-08-22upgpkg: cool 0.1-1orhun
2020-08-07Release v2.4orhun
2020-07-22Release new version v2.3orhun
2020-01-15Release new version v2.2orhun
2019-10-28Release new version v2.1orhun
2019-09-23Fix v2.0 releaseorhun
2019-09-12Release new version v2.0orhun
2019-09-11Release new version v1.9keylo99
2019-09-05Release new version v1.8KeyLo99
2019-09-03Release new version v1.7KeyLo99
2019-09-03Release new version v1.6KeyLo99
2019-09-01Release new version v1.5KeyLo99
2019-08-31Release new version 1.4 & update pkgver functionKeyLo99
2019-08-31Release new version r340KeyLo99
2019-08-31Release new version r339KeyLo99
2019-08-31Release new version r337KeyLo99
2019-08-29Release new version r332KeyLo99
2019-08-28Release new version r320KeyLo99
2019-08-28Release new version & add .gitignoreKeyLo99
2019-08-27Add pkgver function back for the submittion rulesKeyLo99
2019-08-27Remove pkgver() function and release v1.0.0KeyLo99
2019-08-27Fix version and make dependenciesKeyLo99
2019-08-27Release the first version (1.0.0)KeyLo99