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8 daysUpdate to 5.3.3-2Nicola Murino
13 daysupdate to 5.3.3-1Nicola Murino
2020-11-18Update to 5.3.1Nicola Murino
2020-11-16Update to 5.3.0-2Nicola Murino
2020-10-25Update to 5.3.0-1Nicola Murino
2020-09-13Update to 5.2.0-11Nicola Murino
2020-09-08update to 5.2.0-10Nicola Murino
2020-07-01update to 5.2.0-9Nicola Murino
2020-05-01update to 5.2.0-8Nicola Murino
2020-04-28Update to 5.2.0-7Nicola Murino
2020-04-25update to 5.2.0-6Nicola Murino
2020-04-23fix for gnome-tweaksNicola Murino
2020-04-23revertNicola Murino
2020-04-23Update tp 5.2.0-3Nicola Murino
2020-04-08fix theme in gnome-tweaksNicola Murino
2020-04-08Update to 5.2.0-1Nicola Murino
2020-04-01Update to 5.1.2Nicola Murino
2020-03-28Update to 5.1.1Nicola Murino
2020-03-24Update to 5.1.0-2Nicola Murino
2020-03-20Update to 5.1.0Nicola Murino
2020-02-20update to 5.0.0-17Nicola Murino
2020-02-07Update to 5.0.0-16Nicola Murino
2020-02-03Update to 5.0.0-15Nicola Murino
2019-12-23Update to 5.0.0-14Nicola Murino
2019-11-14Update to 5.0.0-13Nicola Murino
2019-11-12Update to 5.0.0-12Nicola Murino
2019-11-08Update to 5.0.0-11Nicola Murino
2019-10-23don't modify upstream packagingNicola Murino
2019-10-19Update to 5.0.0-9Nicola Murino
2019-10-17Update to 5.0.0-8Nicola Murino
2019-10-16Update to 5.0.0-7Nicola Murino
2019-10-15Update to 5.0.0-6Nicola Murino
2019-10-11update to 5.0.0-5Nicola Murino
2019-10-05Update to 5.0.0-4Nicola Murino
2019-10-04remove gnome shell themeNicola Murino
2019-10-04Update to 5.0.0-2Nicola Murino
2019-10-03Update to 5.0.0-1Nicola Murino
2019-07-18Update to 4.1.4-10Nicola Murino
2019-06-13Update to 4.1.4-9Nicola Murino
2019-06-11Update to 4.1.4-8Nicola Murino
2019-06-05Update to 4.1.4-7Nicola Murino
2019-05-15Update to 4.1.4-6Nicola Murino
2019-04-27Update to 4.1.4-5Nicola Murino
2019-04-20Update to 4.1.4-4Nicola Murino
2019-04-10Update to 4.1.4-3Nicola Murino
2019-04-04Update to 4.1.4-2Nicola Murino
2019-04-03Update to 4.1.4-1Nicola Murino
2019-02-16Update to 4.1.3-1Nicola Murino
2019-02-07Update to 4.1.1-1Nicola Murino
2019-01-29Update to 4.1.0-1Nicola Murino