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2022-01-27Put the license file inside the correct folder0b100100
2022-01-27Cosmetic changes0b100100
2021-12-02Remove python-websockets version restriction0b100100
2021-10-24Increase pkgrel0b100100
2021-10-24Add python-pytz as a dependency0b100100
2021-10-19Remove own introduced variable based on the package etiquette0b100100
2021-10-06Add check function0b100100
2021-10-06Reverse and add cosmetic changes0b100100
2021-10-05Add package relations and change license file permissions0b100100
2021-10-02restrict python-websockets to version 9.10b100100
2021-09-05adjusted dependencies on the basis of the upstream's requirements.txt0b100100
2020-01-18update urlNarrat
2020-01-18switch back to original repoNarrat
2018-01-21switched to a better fork.Eric Toombs
2018-01-15Forgot some deps. Also, messed up the URL.Eric Toombs
2018-01-14Ah, those single quotes are so much nicer.Eric Toombs
2018-01-14initEric Toombs