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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-01-26Various package updates, including pkgrel bump for python3.10 rebuildMatthew Gamble
2020-12-06Update to 23.2Maikel Wever
2020-06-19Update to 23.1Maikel Wever
2020-04-27Update to 22.0Maikel Wever
2019-11-18Bump pkgrel for python 3.8 updateMaikel Wever
2019-01-06Update to 21.3Maikel Wever
2018-10-07Update to 21.0Maikel Wever
2018-08-03Update to 20.0Maikel Wever
2017-09-29Fix autoupdater borkMaikel Wever
2017-09-29[autoupdate] Update to 18.0Autoupdate
2017-02-01Update to 15.1Maikel Wever
2017-01-09Add setuptools as makedepMaikel Wever
2017-01-07Bump for rebuildMaikel Wever
2016-12-28Update to 15.0Maikel Wever
2016-09-16Initial commit v14.0Maikel Wever