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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-07upgrade to 0.9.2Richard PALO
2020-02-16upgrade relatorio to 0.9.1Richard PALO
2019-10-11Support arch version of python-magic as well as python-magic-ahuppRichard PALO
2019-08-04update to relatorio-0.9.0Richard PALO
2018-11-20add quotes around srcdir usageRichard PALO
2018-11-19Fix build() and avoid 2to3 issuesRichard PALO
2018-11-19Update to relatorio-0.8.1 merging separate packages into split package.Richard PALO
2017-12-04update to relatorio-0.8.0Richard PALO
2017-10-09Initial commitRichard PALO