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2022-07-08bump some pkgrels to trigger AUR updates and debug builds (#89)Christopher Arndt
2021-04-26New upstream version 1.4.9Christopher Arndt
2021-01-27New upstream version 1.4.7Christopher Arndt
2020-10-15New upstream version 1.4.6Christopher Arndt
2020-08-26New upstream version 1.4.5 (version 1.4.4 yanked)Christopher Arndt
2020-08-11New upstream version 1.4.3Christopher Arndt
2020-07-18New upstream release 1.4.2Christopher Arndt
2020-04-16New upstream version 1.4.1Christopher Arndt
2020-01-19New upstream release 1.4.0Christopher Arndt
2019-11-24New upstream version 1.3.1Christopher Arndt
2019-04-16Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// Arndt
2019-04-16New upstream version 1.3.0Christopher Arndt
2019-02-07Move makedepends out oof package functionsChristopher Arndt
2019-01-19New upstream version 1.2.1Christopher Arndt
2019-01-13New upstream version 1.2.0Christopher Arndt
2018-10-10New upstream release 1.1.2Christopher Arndt
2018-08-08New upstream version 1.1.1Christopher Arndt
2017-04-22New upstream versionChristopher Arndt
2017-01-21Bumping pkgrel to force rebuild for Python 3.6; add cython/cython2 to makedep...Christopher Arndt
2016-11-07Fix missing jack dependencyChristopher Arndt
2016-11-07New package 'python-rtmidi'Christopher Arndt