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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-18Update to 0.3.3Chris Severance
2020-01-03Restore from Arch Linux packagesAndrea Scarpino
2018-03-06Fix futures dep againChris Severance
2018-03-06Fix futures depChris Severance
2018-02-15Update to 0.1.13Chris Severance
2017-12-15Update to 0.1.12Chris Severance
2017-09-01Update to 0.1.11Chris Severance
2016-12-21Update to 0.1.10Chris Severance
2016-10-21Update to 0.1.9Chris Severance
2016-10-13Update to 0.1.8Chris Severance
2016-10-10Update to 0.1.7Chris Severance
2016-10-02Update to 0.1.5Chris Severance
2016-09-18Update to 0.1.3Chris Severance
2016-09-02Update to 0.1.3Chris Severance
2016-08-18Update to 0.1.2Chris Severance
2016-08-08Update to 0.1.1Chris Severance
2016-05-29Amend for pacaur bugChris Severance
2016-02-10First version 0.0.1Chris Severance