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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-06-10Use float for static buildsDonald Carr
2018-06-08Dont use vortex unless the build dir existsDonald Carr
2018-06-08Move to Qt 5.11 releaseDonald Carr
2018-04-18Fix gles2 snafuDonald Carr
2018-04-05Enable desktop GL on the raspberry pi 3 aarch VC4 stackDonald Carr
2018-04-05Make uber minimal a bit less braindead; eglfs is the targetDonald Carr
2018-03-31Fix static path breakageDonald Carr
2018-03-22Fix additional oversightDonald Carr
2018-03-22Fix dependency oversightDonald Carr
2018-03-22Allow forcing of debugDonald Carr
2018-03-22Consolidate static/host buildsDonald Carr
2018-03-22Correct shuffling of files around for new /opt/qt prefixDonald Carr
2018-03-22Reduce extent of hacksDonald Carr
2018-03-22Clean up recipeDonald Carr
2018-03-22Build all SDKs under /opt/qtDonald Carr
2018-03-22Restore host-prefix on non-static buildsDonald Carr
2018-03-22Correct logic faux pas in uber-minimal configDonald Carr
2018-03-22Only build qtbase/qtdeclarativeDonald Carr
2018-03-21Adjust aarch64 compiler pathDonald Carr
2018-03-21Move to the 5.11 beta2Donald Carr
2018-03-09Adjust aarch64 toolchain nameDonald Carr
2018-03-09Enable reduce relocations on ARMDonald Carr
2018-03-09Leave beta1 to the angelsDonald Carr
2018-03-09Update to Qt 5.11 beta1Donald Carr
2018-03-06Start testing Qt 5.11 alphaDonald Carr
2017-12-28Update project urlDonald Carr
2017-12-27Cheerio xmlpatternsDonald Carr
2017-12-18Remove all skip calls in favour of QT_BUILD_MODULESDonald Carr
2017-12-12Update to Qt 5.10 final releaseDonald Carr
2017-11-09Upgrade testing to Qt 5.10 beta 3Donald Carr
2017-10-18Don't bother with dependencies during testing phaseDonald Carr
2017-10-18Introduce tinkerboard as the raspberry pi 4Donald Carr
2017-10-17Update to beta1 packageDonald Carr
2017-10-01Use desktop GL (not GLES2) for desktop buildsDonald Carr
2017-09-25Try to remove debug symbols from qmakeDonald Carr
2017-09-25Specialize included platform for static targetsDonald Carr
2017-09-23Any further adjustment of name beyond device has no bearing on what it providesDonald Carr
2017-09-22Start to track minimal QML friendly static configurationDonald Carr
2017-09-19There is no need to remove sysroot offset on static builds when targeting the...Donald Carr
2017-09-19Start testing Qt 5.10 alphaDonald Carr
2017-09-13Adjust qt configuration for static buildsDonald Carr
2017-09-13Remove linking against system libs from static buildDonald Carr
2017-09-13Remove sysroot offset from static Qt buildDonald Carr
2017-09-13Remove host/target prefix duality from static packageDonald Carr
2017-09-12Don't split up the package into host/target for static buildsDonald Carr
2017-09-12Remove xcomposite from the wayland client backendsDonald Carr
2017-09-12Enable static buildsDonald Carr
2017-09-09Add convenience script to launch applications in the profile.d qpi envDonald Carr
2017-09-07Package config.summary with tools and target libsDonald Carr
2017-08-24Disable qt3d to avoid breakageDonald Carr