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2020-10-03Matrix: use correct name for private chat rooms, move 4chan comment input to ...dec05eba
2020-10-03Fix posting on 4chan, fetch new page on when reaching the bottomdec05eba
2020-10-02Add --no-video option to play videos with only audiodec05eba
2020-10-02Matrix: show m.emote, m.notice and m.location, fix reply to multiline replydec05eba
2020-10-02Matrix: support video/audio and regular files in file uploaddec05eba
2020-10-01Matrix: make set read marker async to fix stutter when receiving messages, al...dec05eba
2020-10-01Matrix: fix placement of elements after navigation messed updec05eba
2020-10-01Matrix: implement mention/reply notificationsdec05eba
2020-10-01Matrix: ctrl+p > enterdec05eba
2020-10-01Matrix: fix replying broken formatting, including reply message in bodydec05eba
2020-10-01Matrix: show indication for unread messages and show the last message in the ...dec05eba
2020-10-01Matrix: add message delete with ctrl+ddec05eba
2020-09-30Matrix: implement message replying and editing (ctrl+r, ctrl+e)dec05eba
2020-09-30Attempt to fix crashdec05eba
2020-09-29Fix caret navigationdec05eba
2020-09-28Fix matrix body size incorrect and obscured by chat inputdec05eba
2020-09-28Implement text editing with navigation and multilingual fontsdec05eba
2020-09-28Matrix: remove deprecated login method, scroll to bottom when receiving a new...dec05eba
2020-09-28Matrix: fix login with pantalaimon proxy, fix logout crash, show real login e...dec05eba
2020-09-27Matrix: add logout command, fix thumbnailsdec05eba
2020-09-27Implement pgup/pgdown/home/end keysdec05eba
2020-09-27Change ctrl+s to ctrl+c for copying url to clipboarddec05eba
2020-09-27Save currently playing video url to clipboard with ctrl+sdec05eba search even if input string is emptydec05eba
2020-09-27Reduce scroll cpu usage from 10% to 1-2% by load image files in another threa...dec05eba
2020-09-26Fix page scroll when navigating 4chan commentsdec05eba
2020-09-26Change scrolling behavior, improve matrix support (fetching old messages, etc)dec05eba
2020-09-24Change design, fix after server reinstalldec05eba
2020-09-24Fix segfault on file manager exit, unload thumbnails on tab switchdec05eba
2020-09-24Fix broken author textdec05eba
2020-09-24Remove fonts copydec05eba
2020-09-23Fallback to cjk fontdec05eba
2020-09-23Fix font color on 4chandec05eba
2020-09-23Make tabs rounded, readd color to trusted/remakedec05eba
2020-09-23Testing redesigndec05eba
2020-09-23Add initial support for matrix, file manager and add nyaa trusted/remake colorsdec05eba
2020-09-20Use url/filename safe base64dec05eba
2020-09-18Add initial supportdec05eba
2020-09-17Output png for waifu2x to fix transparent images not convertingdec05eba
2020-09-17Add image upscaling with waifu2x-ncnn-vulkan, async load images in scroll ima...dec05eba
2020-09-16Revert smoothingdec05eba
2020-09-16Disable smoothing for downscaled imagesdec05eba
2020-09-16Use versioned namedec05eba
2020-09-16Revert back to non quick search and without description for mangadexdec05eba
2020-09-15Add manga creators page to navigate to others works by the creatorsdec05eba
2020-09-14Reset filter when switching tabdec05eba
2020-09-14Use a tar.gz file instead of git, much faster downloaddec05eba
2020-09-14Use opengl v3.3dec05eba