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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
18 hoursMatrix: scroll to bottom when receiving previous messages and no visible mess...dec05eba
27 hoursMatrix: wait until message is deleted remote before removing locally, to fix ...dec05eba
3 daysMatrix: make messages that reply to us red even if the text itself doesn't co...dec05eba
4 daysDo not cancel download of all images if one image fails to download for mangadec05eba
4 daysYoutube: fix description that contains bold text being cut offdec05eba
5 daysMatrix: remove sync sleepdec05eba
7 daysMatrix: fetching users shouldn't delay loading of replied to messages and sho...dec05eba
12 daysMatrix: fix user display name when added by invite (state_key)dec05eba
12 daysMatrix: set unread notification count for initial syncdec05eba
12 daysMatrix: remove room if loaded in cache but removed remotedec05eba
12 daysMatrix: asdf fix scroll to end on additional messagesdec05eba
12 daysMatrix: readd additional messages sync, remove reply/edit formatting from roo...dec05eba
13 daysMatrix: show if reaction in room description, always show notifications, dont...dec05eba
13 daysMatrix: fix image not displaying because of provisiondec05eba
13 daysMatrix: add vim key navigation for messages/pinned messages viewdec05eba
13 daysAdd vim key bindings, ctrl+d to delete moessage, fix ctrl+h acting as backspa...dec05eba
13 daysMatrix: user messages not appearing after re-entering roomdec05eba
13 daysMatrix: filter out messages with transaction id, which fixed messages sent by...dec05eba
14 daysFix reaction sizingdec05eba
14 daysMatrix: add /reactdec05eba
14 daysMatrix: fix embedded text (replies) making body stutter if word wrapping but ...dec05eba
2020-11-21Smooth emojidec05eba
2020-11-21Render emoji in text, do not show notification count for cache sync, lazy loa...dec05eba
2020-11-20Matrix: display replied-to messages in pinned messages tabdec05eba
2020-11-20Matrix: revert last commitdec05eba
2020-11-20Matrix: do not call error handler on network errordec05eba
2020-11-19Matrix: remove event cache on logindec05eba
2020-11-19Matrix: fix too long path in event cache, bug when not using error handler..dec05eba
2020-11-19Matrix: fix duplicate tag items, cache events we dont have permission to view...dec05eba
2020-11-19Matrix: cache get_message_by_id, temporary remove fetching additional message...dec05eba
2020-11-18Matrix: attempt to fix fetching of previous messages before sync is finisheddec05eba
2020-11-18Matrix: fix read marker if the last message is a redact or editdec05eba
2020-11-18Matrix: set window title to room name when using matrixdec05eba
2020-11-18Matrix: fix media not displayed after updatedec05eba
2020-11-18Matrix: use slower /context instead of /event to workaround construct fucking...dec05eba
2020-11-18Matrix: fix for constructdec05eba
2020-11-18Matrix: attempt fix double messages for sent messages with construct, missing...dec05eba
2020-11-18Matrix: implement m.stickerdec05eba
2020-11-17Matrix: fix duplicate notifications on mention for initial syncdec05eba
2020-11-17Matrix: attempt to fix fetching previous messages before initial sync is fini...dec05eba
2020-11-17Matrix: fix message sorting for previous messagesdec05eba
2020-11-16Matrix: fix crash when failing to send message or read markerdec05eba
2020-11-16Matrix: do not continuously fetch messages when currently showing pinned mess...dec05eba
2020-11-16Matrix: fix unread red marker when fetching previous messagesdec05eba
2020-11-16Matrix: do not fetch previous messages all the time (bug) when going to chat ...dec05eba
2020-11-16Matrix: show provisional messages as the message is being sent and receiveddec05eba
2020-11-14Fix crash on video navigating to related video and then back and forthdec05eba
2020-11-14Resume video when navigating back from related/channel videosdec05eba
2020-11-12Attempt to fix flickering bodydec05eba