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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-30update to v4.0.2Alexander Phinikarides
2020-04-24update to R 4.0.0Alexander Phinikarides
2020-04-08adjusted r-mkl to new intel-mkl in [community]Alexander Phinikarides
2020-03-28R 3.6.3Alexander Phinikarides
2020-02-16update build librariesAlexander Phinikarides
2020-02-16update buildAlexander Phinikarides
2020-01-07R 3.6.2Alexander Phinikarides
2019-07-11update to v3.6.1Alexander Phinikarides
2019-05-02update to v3.6.0 and conditional dependsAlexander Phinikarides
2019-03-17update to R 3.5.3Alexander Phinikarides
2019-01-21rebuild due to readlineAlexander Phinikarides
2018-12-21R 3.5.2Alexander Phinikarides
2018-12-16fix compilation with Intel Parallel Studio 2019 Update 1Alexander Phinikarides
2018-08-02changed java depsAlexander Phinikarides
2018-07-06v3.5.1Alexander Phinikarides
2018-06-04update provides and conflicts arraysAlexander Phinikarides
2018-04-25update to 3.5.0Alexander Phinikarides
2018-04-14trigger rebuild because of icu v6.1Alexander Phinikarides
2018-03-29add TBBAlexander Phinikarides
2018-03-28fix Matrix hanging issueAlexander Phinikarides
2018-03-16update to 3.4.4Alexander Phinikarides
2017-12-02update to 3.4.3Alexander Phinikarides
2017-09-30update to 3.4.2Alexander Phinikarides
2017-09-26revert to gcc build until icc bugs are fixedAlexander Phinikarides
2017-06-30update to 3.4.1Alexander Phinikarides
2017-05-20intel parallel studio xe updateAlexander Phinikarides
2017-04-30libicuuc rebuildAlexander Phinikarides
2017-04-25updated to v3.4.0Alexander Phinikarides
2017-03-06update to 3.3.3Alexander Phinikarides
2016-12-29dynamic library does not workAlexander Phinikarides
2016-12-29reapplied FP precision options and sorted IPOAlexander Phinikarides
2016-12-27simplified lists of flags and librariesAlexander Phinikarides
2016-12-03fixed fortran libsAlexander Phinikarides
2016-11-28link needed libs to be used with ifortAlexander Phinikarides
2016-11-20fix quantreg and igraph compilationAlexander Phinikarides
2016-11-06removed excessive flagsAlexander Phinikarides
2016-11-06updated to 3.3.2Alexander Phinikarides
2016-09-10updated for Intel MKL 2017Alexander Phinikarides
2016-07-05fixed md5Alexander Phinikarides
2016-07-02updated to R 3.3.1Alexander Phinikarides
2016-06-17fixed depsAlexander Phinikarides
2016-06-17fixed compilation with icc/ifort and added floating point accuracy optionsAlexander Phinikarides
2016-05-04updated to R 3.3.0Alexander Phinikarides
2016-04-18updated to R 3.2.5Alexander Phinikarides
2016-03-18updated to 3.2.4Alexander Phinikarides
2016-02-05set comp. options according to Intel MKL Link Line Advisor and fixed the url ...Alexander Phinikarides
2016-01-20fixed compilation without iccAlexander Phinikarides
2016-01-15updated to R-3.2.3Alexander Phinikarides
2015-12-21fixed compilation with Intel's compiler suiteAlexander Phinikarides
2015-08-14update to 3.2.2m-wells