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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-07Update to 1.43.1Raansu-auto
2018-09-01Update to 1.43Raansu-auto
2018-06-16Update to 1.42Raansu-auto
2018-05-20Add rclone to conflicts, don't install rclone-bin if rclone is already installedRaansu-auto
2018-05-18Update to 1.41raansu
2018-05-17Change URL to HTTPS in PKGBUILDRaansu
2018-05-17Fix newline in PKGBUILDRaansu
2018-05-17Fix newline in PKGBUILDRaansu
2018-05-17Fix issue with copying licenseRaansu
2018-05-17Fix PKGBUILDRaansu
2018-05-17Add licenseRaansu
2018-05-17Fix sha512sumsRaansu
2018-05-17Add rclone to "provides"Raansu
2018-05-17Initial uploadRaansu
2017-03-21bumped pkg ver to 1.36 and added missing archSimon Weald
2017-01-17Bumped version to 1.35 and added armv5/arm64 supportSimon Weald
2016-11-28bumped version to 1.34Simon Weald
2016-08-25bumped package versionSimon Weald
2016-07-14failed to change md5sumsSimon Weald
2016-07-14bumped version and added armv7h arch supportSimon Weald
2016-07-11added arm archSimon Weald
2016-06-21bumped versionSimon Weald
2016-04-21version bump to 1.29Simon Weald
2016-03-02updated to v1.28 and rejigged PKGBUILD to accomodate for package name changeSimon Weald
2016-02-06renamed to -binSimon Weald
2015-10-09updated to 1.23Simon Weald
2015-09-29updated to v1.22Simon Weald
2015-08-28updated to v1.19Simon Weald
2015-08-25forgot .srcinfo with previous commit, added my details as contributor to pkgb...Simon Weald
2015-08-25v1.18Simon Weald
2015-08-25v1.17Eduard Kracmar
2015-08-25Added man pages for rclone, replaced cp with installEduard Kracmar
2015-08-25Rev3Eduard Kracmar
2015-08-25Initial importEduard Kracmar