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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-11-28Updated checksums and sources for 1.3.0Matthew Johnston
2022-11-06Updated checksums and sources for 1.2.9Matthew Johnston
2022-10-19Updated checksums and sources for 1.2.8ransome1
2022-10-18Updated spources and checksumsransome1
2022-06-14Updated checksums and sources for build 1.2.1ransome1
2022-04-07Updated sources and hashes for 1.1.9ยงransome1
2022-04-06Sources and hashes for 1.1.8ransome1
2022-03-25Build v1.1.7ransome1
2022-02-14Updated checksums for 1.1.6ransome1
2021-12-17Bump to 1.1.5ransome1
2021-12-16Build v1.1.4ransome1
2021-11-07Updated sources and checksums for v1.1.3ransome1
2021-08-22Updated sources and checksums for v1.1.1ransome1
2021-07-27Updated sources and checksums for v1.1.0ransome1
2021-07-15Updated sources and chercksums for v1.0.9ransome1
2021-07-05Updated sources and checksums for v1.0.8ransome1
2021-06-24Updated sources and checksums for v1.0.7ransome1
2021-06-23Update to nodejs v16ransome1
2021-06-19Updated sources and checksums for v1.0.6-2ransome1
2021-06-13Updated sources and checksums for v1.0.6ransome1
2021-06-04Updated sources and checksums for v1.0.5ransome1
2021-06-03Updated sources and checksums for v1.0.5ransome1
2021-06-01New source for v1.0.5, new checksumsransome1
2021-05-27Updated Source (Minor CSS fix)ransome1
2021-05-26New source for v1.0.4, new checksumsransome1
2021-05-08Renamed exec script and moved it to /usr/local/binransome1
2021-05-08Excluded nodejs v16 and higher from make depends as build failsransome1
2021-05-08Updated source and checksumsransome1
2021-05-07Updated source and checksumsransome1
2021-05-07Updated source and checksumsransome1
2021-05-07Switch to v1.0.3ransome1
2021-05-07Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2021-05-07Switch to v1.0.2, added checksums, added srcinforansome1
2021-05-07Switch to v1.0.2, added checksums, added srcinforansome1
2021-05-07Changed source again and added new checkumsransome1
2021-05-07Updated checksumsransome1
2021-05-05Switched sourceransome1
2021-05-05Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2021-05-05Added new sourceransome1
2021-05-05Added new sourceransome1
2021-05-05Replaced nodejs LTS with latest, switched source to v1.0.3ransome1
2021-04-28Added node LTS to dependenciesransome1
2021-04-28added nodejs-lts-fermium dependencyransome1
2021-04-27Bump to v1.0.2, added new checksumsransome1
2021-04-22Switch source to 1.0.1, add new checksums and srcinforansome1
2021-04-22Add AUR env to shell scriptransome1
2021-04-20Bump to v1.0.0ransome1
2021-04-19Removed base-develransome1
2021-04-19Switched "base-devel" to dependsransome1