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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-14Update to v7.5.0Matt Warner
2019-01-05PKGBUILD updated to reflect upstream rollback to v7.3.0Matt Warner
2018-12-01Update to v7.4.0Matt Warner
2018-09-12Updated to v7.3.0Matt Warner
2018-06-16Update to 7.2.0Matt Warner
2018-03-20Update to v7.1.0Matt Warner
2018-02-03Update to 7.0.1Matt Warner
2017-12-29Update to v7.0.0Matt Warner
2017-09-28Updated to 6.4.0Matt Warner
2017-07-28Update to 6.3.1Matt Warner
2017-06-05Update to 6.3.0Matt Warner
2017-05-15Rollback to v6.1.9 per vendor's availabilityMatt Warner
2017-05-04Update to v6.2.0Matt Warner
2017-04-03Update to v6.1.9. zlib error still not fix, so I added a simlink to the syste...Matt Warner
2016-07-27Update to 6.1.5Matt Warner
2016-04-25Update to 6.1.4Matt Warner
2016-03-11Remove verbose flag from tar command in PKGBUILDMatt Warner
2016-03-10Update to v6.1.3Matt Warner
2016-02-05Update sha256sum for terms.txtMatt Warner
2016-02-04Update sha256sumsMatt Warner
2016-02-04Update to v6.1.2Matt Warner
2015-12-12Update to 6.1Matt Warner
2015-08-19Update to 6.0.1Matt Warner
2015-07-18Added provides lineMatt Warner
2015-07-18Import from previous spideroak packageMatt Warner