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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-06-19Update to 0.2.11.Bert Peters
2019-06-18Update to 0.2.10.Bert Peters
2019-06-05Update to 0.2.9.Bert Peters
2019-04-15Add a complete, "includes everyting" version.Bert Peters
2019-03-25Update to 0.2.8Bert Peters
2019-02-26Update to 0.2.5.Bert Peters
2019-01-29Update to 0.2.4.Bert Peters
2018-12-15Fix special features not being included.Bert Peters
2018-11-29Clean up PKGBUILD.Bert Peters
2018-11-29Add a version with D-Bus support.Bert Peters
2018-10-22Update to version 0.2.3.Bert Peters
2018-10-04Fix OpenSSL compatibility issue.Bert Peters
2018-06-23New upstream release.Bert Peters
2018-06-11Fix dependencies and split package.Bert Peters
2018-05-31Reduce dependencies.Bert Peters
2018-05-29Upstream version bumpBert Peters
2018-05-28Package version 0.2.Bert Peters
2018-04-23Recreate a release-based build for spotifyd.Bert Peters
2017-07-14add post-tag commit counter in pkgverFlorian Klink
2017-07-14fix error with hyphens in pkgverAlexander Schäferdiek
2017-07-04use tags for package versions, now that we have themFlorian Klink
2017-07-03PKGBUILD: add maintainer informationFlorian Klink
2017-07-03PKGBUILD: bump versionFlorian Klink
2017-07-03PKGBUILD: add support for armv7hFlorian Klink
2017-07-03cargo: use --features "pulseaudio_backend"Florian Klink
2017-07-03use sha256sums instead of md5sumsFlorian Klink
2017-06-10update, use user serviceAlexander Schäferdiek
2017-05-18fixAlexander Schäferdiek
2017-03-26initial releaseAlexander Schäferdiek