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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-28Bump versiongrsakea
2018-07-08Update packagegrsakea
2018-06-10Update package name and descriptiongrsakea
2018-06-10Update maintainergrsakea
2018-06-10Use solarized patch from official websitegrsakea
2018-03-27Change fontgrsakea
2018-03-27Update vergrsakea
2018-03-27Update to 0.8.1grsakea
2017-10-08Add homemade modificationgrsakea
2016-10-26update .SRCINFO and tag checksummar77i
2016-09-03fix package urlmar77i
2016-09-03use tags for generating pkgver, like in dwm-gitmar77i
2016-09-03drop adding -lXrender again, that's included with the alpha patch nowmar77i
2016-09-03use -lXrendr, zipman, comment the source array and simplify the source loop, ...mar77i
2016-09-03PKGBUILD: assume $srcdir, as noted in PKGBUILD(5)mar77i
2015-10-15remove nonstandard archesmar77i
2015-10-15don't use SRCDEST, thanks phillidmar77i
2015-10-15make applying of patches and inserting config.h more readablemar77i
2015-10-15remove terminfo installation, update maintainermar77i
2015-06-25remove scrollback patch on the AUR branch.mar77i
2015-06-25add config.h if present in source arraymar77i
2015-06-25automatically apply patches in source arraymar77i
2015-06-25use += in for make variables so system config is respectedmar77i
2015-06-25move tic invocation from Makefile to package()mar77i
2015-06-08initial commitGaetan Bisson