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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-07UpdatesRyan Gonzalez
2020-05-03UpdatesRyan Gonzalez
2020-03-28UpdatesRyan Gonzalez
2020-02-27updatesRyan Gonzalez
2020-02-17Update to 5.1.4Ryan Gonzalez
2019-12-21Update to 5.1.3Ryan Gonzalez
2019-11-15Update to F32 Swift for Python 3.8Ryan Gonzalez
2019-10-28Update urlsRyan Gonzalez
2019-10-22UpdatesRyan Gonzalez
2019-10-17Fix swift-lang-runtime URLRyan Gonzalez
2019-10-13UpdatesRyan Gonzalez
2019-03-27Update to 5.0Ryan Gonzalez
2019-03-02Avoid polluting the ldconfig pathRyan Gonzalez
2019-02-11Revamp package and updateRyan Gonzalez
2018-05-22Bump pkgrelRyan Gonzalez
2018-04-21Fix pkgbuild bugRyan Gonzalez
2018-04-20Make sure sourcekit is installedRyan Gonzalez
2018-03-30Swift 4.1Ryan Gonzalez
2018-03-14Install SDK to a subdirectory, to avoid needing to use bubblewrapRyan Gonzalez
2018-02-19Update pkgrelRyan Gonzalez
2018-02-19Provide lldbRyan Gonzalez
2018-02-17Update pkgrelRyan Gonzalez
2018-02-17Forgot to commit...Ryan Gonzalez
2018-02-08Update pkgrelRyan Gonzalez
2018-02-08Fix libcurl errors and version warning issues via qldv + bubblewrapRyan Gonzalez
2017-12-104.0.3 updateFrederic Bezies
2017-11-06fixing SHA key problem.Frederic Bezies
2017-11-054.0.2 updateFrederic Bezies
2017-11-054.0.2 updateFrederic Bezies
2017-09-24revert previous changes which needed to add symlinksFrederic Bezies
2017-09-23icu depend changeFrederic Bezies
2017-09-214.0 release update - new gpg key neededFrederic Bezies
2017-04-24version bumpyoungunix
2017-04-07clean upyoungunix
2017-03-31version updateyoungunix
2017-03-29version updateyoungunix
2017-03-28version updateyoungunix
2017-03-18version updateyoungunix
2016-11-08Updated the package description.Kamran Mackey
2016-11-08Fixed icu problemsKamran Mackey
2016-11-08Updated to Swift 3.0.1. Also fixed various PKGBUILD issues.Kamran Mackey
2016-05-26Updated libtinfo because of renameLuz Violeta
2016-05-06Fixed SHA256Luz Violeta
2016-04-27Modified libtinfo as @jmastr 2016-04-21 comment pointed out about version breakLuz Violeta
2016-04-27Updated to latest release snapshotLuz Violeta
2016-03-24drop -RELEASE from nameAshley Towns
2016-03-24update to 2.2 releaseAshley Towns
2016-03-13updated to 2016-03-01Ashley Towns
2016-02-26bumping to 2016-02-24Ashley Towns
2016-02-11updates to 2016-02-08Ashley Towns