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2020-05-26Bump checksumDavid Birks
2020-05-14Update to 0.105David Birks
2020-02-03Update to 0.104David Birks
2019-12-27Update to 0.103David Birks
2019-11-07Add kubectl and python-pip to dependsDavid Birks
2019-10-09Update to 0.102David Birks
2019-09-19Update sha256sumDavid Birks
2019-07-08Add python and python-setuptools to dependsDavid Birks
2019-06-25Update to 0.101David Birks
2019-06-18Update to 0.100David Birks
2019-06-10Add previous maintainer as contributorDavid Birks
2019-05-03Update to 0.99David Birks
2019-02-13updated to 0.97David Stark
2018-11-270.94 releasedDavid Stark
2018-11-06package updatedDavid Stark
2018-10-12cleaned up some depsDavid Stark
2018-10-08updated to 0.93, removed some trash, added some more :/David Stark
2018-06-06updated to 0.88David Stark
2018-03-26updated to latest release, removed rsyncDavid Stark
2018-03-17quick fix for curl not following redirectsDavid Stark
2018-03-17handing signals to dumb-initDavid Stark
2018-03-17updating and attempting to put it into a virtualenvDavid Stark
2017-11-27version bumpDavid Stark
2017-09-29updated to include stamp-telepresenceDavid Stark
2017-09-26version bumped to 0.67David Stark
2017-09-120.65 releasedDavid Stark
2017-08-24updated to 0.64David Stark
2017-08-10updated to 0.63David Stark
2017-07-260.62 release + dep for conntrack-toolsDavid Stark
2017-07-21updated deployment per: Stark
2017-07-20initial commitDavid Stark