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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-06-20Updating PKGBUILD to reflect source changesJonathan Schuett
2016-11-05Added optional dependency Lynis for recommendationJonathan Schuett
2016-11-05Finished correcting build process, and tweaked post-install slightlyJonathan Schuett
2016-11-05Fixing incorrect commitJonathan Schuett
2016-11-05Fixed typoJonathan Schuett
2016-11-05Added autogen to build processJonathan Schuett
2016-11-05Added automake dependencyJonathan Schuett
2016-11-05Fixed install from repo directly, set pkgver function, and tweaked PKGBUILD f...Jonathan Schuett
2016-11-05Updated PKGBUILD after checking packagebuild differencesJonathan Schuett
2016-11-05Updated download source link, removed unnecessary GCC build patch, and slight...Jonathan Schuett