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2022-04-13update to 2.6.3Jack Chen
2022-04-01update to 2.6.2Jack Chen
2022-03-28update to 2.6.1Jack Chen
2021-12-29update to 2.5.2Jack Chen
2021-12-20update to 2.5.1Jack Chen
2021-12-18update to 2.4.1Jack Chen
2021-11-01update to 2.4.1Jack Chen
2021-10-28update to 2.4.3Jack Chen
2021-10-27update to 2.4.2Jack Chen
2021-10-23update source urlJack Chen
2021-10-23update to 2.4.1Jack Chen
2020-12-22update to 1.3.5Jack Chen
2020-11-25update PKGBUILDJack Chen
2020-11-25update PKGBUILDJack Chen
2020-11-23update to 1.3.4Jack Chen
2020-11-23update PKGBUILDJack Chen
2020-11-03update to 1.3.3Jack Chen
2020-09-15Update pkgreg to 2 on 1.3.1Xiong Zijia
2020-09-15Fix Bugs on 1.3.1Xiong Zijia
2020-09-13Update to 1.3.1Xiong Zijia
2020-08-24Update to 1.2.0Xiong Zijia
2020-06-27update to 1.1.3Jack Chen
2020-06-19update to 1.1.1Jack Chen
2020-05-30update to 1.0.7-betaJack Chen
2020-05-22update to 1.0.6-betaJack Chen
2020-05-12update to 1.0.4-betaJack Chen
2020-05-10update to v1.0.3Jack Chen
2020-05-07update to 1.0.2-betaJack Chen
2019-12-22update to 0.8.9Jack Chen
2019-11-15update to 0.8.7Jack Chen
2019-10-31update depends & script formatJack Chen
2019-10-25add a shortcut to utoolsJack Chen
2019-10-15update to 0.8.3Jack Chen
2019-09-12update to 0.8.0redchenjs
2019-07-15update to 0.7.1redchenjs
2019-07-01update pkgdescredchenjs
2019-07-01init commitredchenjs