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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
10 daysUpdate to 1.970Amish
2020-11-22Update to 1.962Amish
2020-10-26Update to 1.960Amish
2020-09-01Switch arch to anyAmish
2020-08-29Update to 1.955Amish
2020-07-09Update to 1.953Amish
2020-01-21Update to 1.941Amish
2020-01-04Update to 1.940Amish
2019-08-20Update to 1.930Amish
2019-07-12Update to 1.920Amish
2019-05-19BUGFIX: logrotate: do not reload/restart if webmin is not runningAmish
2019-05-12Revert to sourceforge source. File module was removed upstream.Amish
2019-05-10Update to 1.910 and switch to github sourceAmish
2018-11-27Update to 1.900Amish
2018-07-26Update to 1.890-1Amish
2018-04-11Actually do not package /varAmish
2018-04-11Do not package /varAmish
2018-04-09Update to 1.881-1Amish
2018-03-06Update to v1.880Amish
2017-12-09Update to 1.870Amish
2017-10-17Upgrade to 1.860Amish
2017-07-03Update to 1.850 with per 5.26 fixesAmish
2017-05-11Update to 1.840Amish
2017-05-05Support for reloading. Support for logrotate.Amish
2017-05-03Backup webmin.acl tooAmish
2017-05-02Minor changes in PKGBUILDAmish
2017-05-02Minor rearrangement in PKGBUILDAmish
2017-05-02Use pre and post setup scripts which webmin calls automaticallyAmish
2017-05-02Let webmin copy/install filesAmish
2017-05-02Release 1.831-5 with major changesAmish
2017-05-02Remove modules that are really not supportedAmish
2017-05-02rc.conf is old thing. webmin automatically handles systemd nowAmish
2017-05-02Unmaintained pacman module simply runs pacman commands. One can use ajaxterm ...Amish
2017-04-29PKGBUILD cleanupAmish
2017-04-29Use PAM authentication - get rid of shadow hackAmish
2017-04-29Dont zip man pages - get rid of ugly hackAmish
2017-04-29SSL is must in this worldAmish
2017-04-29Firewall should handle which IP can access webminAmish
2017-04-29Add support for sendmailAmish
2017-01-11fixed pacman dirDaniel Milde
2017-01-111.831Daniel Milde
2016-11-241.820Daniel Milde
2016-08-241.810Daniel Milde
2016-05-271.801Daniel Milde
2016-03-141.791Daniel Milde
2016-03-031.780Daniel Milde
2015-09-17[1.760-1]Felix Schindler
2015-09-131.710-1Felix Schindler