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2021-10-17Update for gitlabIgor
2020-05-18Generate man pageIgor
2018-04-12Revert "Generate man page"Igor
2018-04-12Generate man page for xfce4-terminalIgor
2017-07-15Bump version to 0.8.6Igor
2017-05-14Bump version to 0.8.5Igor
2017-02-06Bump version to 0.8.4Igor
2017-01-10Bump version to 0.8.3Igor
2016-12-30Bump version to 0.8.2Igor
2016-10-24Fix typo in the descriptionIgor
2016-10-17Bump version to 0.8.0Igor
2016-08-11Bump version to 0.6.90Igor
2016-06-16Initial versionIgor