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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-02-06update to 1.8.0Gadzhi Kharkharov
2021-11-11update to 1.7.0Gadzhi Kharkharov
2021-08-16updated yambarMoritz Poldrack
2021-06-05fixed issues in PKGBUILD and minimized depsMoritz Poldrack
2021-02-22fixed the issues pointed out by PedroHLC againMoritz Poldrack
2021-02-22Revert "fixed issues pointed out by PedroHLC"Moritz Poldrack
2021-02-12fixed issues pointed out by PedroHLCMoritz Poldrack
2021-01-18updated package to 1.6.1Moritz Poldrack
2020-12-23updated package to 1.6.0Moritz Poldrack
2020-11-17initial commitMoritz Poldrack