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2019-10-07Remove typescript as makedep, update naming schemasJean Lucas
2019-08-14Update deps, source naming schema; fix buildJean Lucas
2019-08-14drop unneeded dependsEric Engestrom
2019-08-14re-gen .SRCINFO (and drop pkgrel back to 1)Eric Engestrom
2019-08-14update to v4.0.0, and build from source as this package should've done from t...Eric Engestrom
2019-05-24update package for v3.0.0Eric Engestrom
2017-08-08Update websitekaptoxic
2017-08-08Update to newest versionkaptoxic
2015-09-06Add missing dependencykaptoxic
2015-09-06Initial importkaptoxic