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2021-11-07Update to 1.6.0zhullyb
2021-04-08update version to v1.5.117Matthew McGinn
2020-11-04make sure electron9 is being usedMatthew McGinn
2020-06-01update version to v1.5.95Matthew McGinn
2020-05-28update to 1.5.94Matthew McGinn
2020-05-25bump to v1.5.93 (migrating to electron9)Matthew McGinn
2020-02-25update version to v1.5.79Matthew McGinn
2020-01-29update version to v1.5.73Matthew McGinn
2020-01-27update launch scriptMatthew McGinn
2020-01-27update etcher to properly allow sudo (used to flash compute devices)Matthew McGinn
2020-01-12update .gitignoreMatthew McGinn