path: root/config.x86_64
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-20Update to 5.11.0.p1-1Björn Bidar
2021-02-14Update to 5.10.15.pf12-1Björn Bidar
2021-01-27Update to 5.10.9.pf9-1Björn Bidar
2021-01-09Update to 5.10.5.pf6-1Björn Bidar
2020-12-31Update to 5.10.4.pf2-1Björn Bidar
2020-12-22Update to 5.10.2.pf2-1Björn Bidar
2020-11-01Update to 5.9.1.p2-1Björn Bidar
2020-09-19Update to 5.8.10.pf4Björn Bidar
2020-08-23UpkgBjörn Bidar
2020-07-27UpkgBjörn Bidar
2020-06-23UrelBjörn Bidar
2020-04-08UpkgBjörn Bidar
2020-02-07upkgBjörn Bidar
2020-01-14upkgBjörn Bidar
2019-12-02upkgBjörn Bidar
2019-10-05upkgBjörn Bidar
2019-07-22upkgBjörn Bidar
2019-05-15upkgBjörn Bidar
2019-03-24upkgBjörn Bidar
2018-11-05upkgBjörn Bidar
2018-09-27upkg, use arch kernel config as baseBjörn Bidar
2018-07-21upkg, added more modulesBjörn Bidar
2018-07-14urel: sync kernel configBjörn Bidar
2018-05-05upkgBjörn Bidar
2018-02-23upkg, synched configs with arch reenabled tomoyo againBjörn Bidar
2017-11-21upkgBjörn Bidar
2017-11-09upkgBjörn Bidar
2017-09-08upkg, rebased on arch configBjörn Bidar
2017-06-17upkgBjörn Bidar
2017-05-29upkg, rebase config from arch kernel configBjörn Bidar
2017-02-22upkgBjörn Bidar
2017-01-16upkgBjörn Bidar
2016-12-29upkgBjörn Bidar
2016-12-13upkg to latest 4.8.x version, 4.9 isn't readyBjörn Bidar
2016-11-28cleaned install file up, CONFIG_X86_PMEM_LEGACY=y on x86_64Björn Bidar
2016-11-24upkgBjörn Bidar
2016-11-18added missing makedepend and add alpm hook, synced configs with ARCHBjörn Bidar
2016-11-12upkgBjörn Bidar
2016-10-30upkgBjörn Bidar
2016-10-18upkgBjörn Bidar
2016-10-08upkg, synced configs with ARCH kernel, removed seperate headers pkg for each ...Björn Bidar
2016-09-20upkgBjörn Bidar
2016-08-29upkg, sync configs with ARCHBjörn Bidar
2016-08-16urel, added skylake pkg suffix added CONFIG_SYNC_FILE=y like in the ARCH kernelBjörn Bidar
2016-08-07upkgBjörn Bidar
2016-06-10upkg, added seperate uksm patchBjörn Bidar
2016-06-04upkgBjörn Bidar
2016-05-15upkgBjörn Bidar
2016-04-20upkgBjörn Bidar
2016-03-25upkgBjörn Bidar