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2020-08-26linux-mptcp: Bump to 0.95.1, based on linux 4.19.126Baptiste Jonglez
2019-06-24linux-mptcp: Update to major release 0.95 (based on kernel 4.19)Baptiste Jonglez
2019-06-05linux-mptcp: update to 0.94.5Baptiste Jonglez
2019-03-18linux-mptcp: bump to 0.94.3Baptiste Jonglez
2018-03-16linux-mptcp: Bump to 0.94 (thanks djanos!)Baptiste Jonglez
2017-11-17linux-mptcp: update to 0.93 (4.9 based) and remove support for i686Baptiste Jonglez
2017-06-06linux-mptcp: Backport latest changes from core/linuxBaptiste Jonglez
2017-06-06linux-mptcp: Update to 0.92 RCBaptiste Jonglez
2016-04-07linux-mptcp: Use the git hash as kernel EXTRAVERSIONBaptiste Jonglez
2016-04-07linux-mptcp: Use olia congestion control by defaultBaptiste Jonglez
2016-03-22linux-mptcp: Add several config upstream changesBaptiste Jonglez
2016-03-22linux-mptcp: #47008 add CONFIG_BPF_SYSCALL=YBaptiste Jonglez
2016-03-22linux-mptcp: #46714 update MROUTE options for IPV4 and IPV6Baptiste Jonglez
2016-03-22linux-mptcp: Add CONFIG_CRASH_DUMP=y #41608, add CONFIG_CORE_DUMP_DEFAULT_ELF...Baptiste Jonglez
2016-03-22linux-mptcp: Disable RT_GROUP_SCHED #46000,#43184 (see r245231 in upstream ar...Baptiste Jonglez
2016-03-22linux-mptcp: Update to v0.91 (based on linux 4.1.20)Baptiste Jonglez
2015-09-16linux-mptcp: Update to latest 0.90 version (based on linux 3.18.20)Baptiste Jonglez
2015-06-25upgpkg: linux-mptcp 0.90.485855.ee70e6c-1Baptiste Jonglez
2015-06-25Initial upload: linux-mptcp 0.89.433305.dcdf730-1Baptiste Jonglez