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2018-12-16So long, and thanks for all the broken builds! (CMake build system removed)Que Quotion
2018-12-02Switch to meson build; update patches to remove gala plugins, etc. from meson...Que Quotion
2018-06-04Remove more gala-dependent functions, including drag from panel (kind of poin...Que Quotion
2018-06-04Simplify patching out gala dependent functionsQue Quotion
2018-05-13No more wingpanel-interface? But the patch that deletes non-existing Quotion
2018-03-07Autohide: See Quotion
2018-03-04Add a gsetting for autohide, default offQue Quotion
2017-10-13Updates! More effective patching.Que Quotion
2017-03-05wingpanel-standalone-bzr: wingpanel without gala dependencyQue Quotion