path: root/nautilus-restore-typeahead.patch
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-09Update patch for nautilus 3.30Albert Vaca
2018-04-29Fixed patchAlbert Vaca
2018-03-26Upgrade to Vaca
2017-09-17Update to 3.26.0Albert Vaca
2017-07-09Updated to 3.24.1Albert Vaca
2016-10-17Updated to version 3.22.1-1Ian Hernandez
2016-10-14Updated to version Hernandez
2016-06-11Updated to version 3.20.1-1Ian Hernandez
2016-04-10Updated to version 3.20.0-1Ian Hernández
2015-10-09Updated to nautilus-3.18.0-1Ian Hernández
2015-09-28Package updated, now using the ubuntu patch.Ian Hernández
2015-09-10Initial commit - nautilus-typeahead 3.16.2-1Ian Hernández