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AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2019-02-10See if new 8.2.0 toolchain resolves dynamic Qt issues on the rpi 2Donald Carr
And it does
2018-10-08Update to Qt 5.12 beta 1Donald Carr
2018-06-10Use float for static buildsDonald Carr
2018-03-22Fix dependency oversightDonald Carr
2017-05-28standardize skip variable namingDonald Carr
2017-05-17Use the same ssl magic everywhereDonald Carr
2016-06-13Simplify install script adjustmentDonald Carr
Change-Id: I610607ff5e059dae953a22bb15e025a05ec6c32a
2016-06-07Undo braindead checkin of pi1 varsDonald Carr
Change-Id: I17061d27aae36978d431b0b6b9483fb12d44a4c2
2016-06-03Merge remote-tracking branch 'pi2/master'Donald Carr
Change-Id: Ie8597806e1d212e9462b10d8dec16627c834e5cf
2016-02-19Remove the version information from the Qt tools pathDonald Carr
Adjust various versioning issues Consistently adjust scripts
2016-01-25Move hard coded vars out of qpi.install and into PKGBUILDDonald Carr
2016-01-14Fix type in hostnameDonald Carr
Change-Id: If026ff5f7553ba53058b0b52ac643ad88bf7ee6d
2016-01-14Bring rpi 1 recipe up to speed with rpi 2 recipeDonald Carr
Change-Id: Ie5fb36279723a5b86bc7294c797b28ee78c5704b