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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-16tws_get_version to now use official tws launch scriptBen Alex
2020-12-24Better handle line buffering in tws_get_versionBen Alex
2020-12-07Refactor tws_ scripts and change to ZST archive formatBen Alex
2020-09-03Revert tws_get_version xvfb useBen Alex
2020-09-01tws_get_versoin to reflect new TWS locationsBen Alex
2018-04-06Use hard-coded Java 8 for tws_get_version due to access violation if Java 9 i...Ben Alex
2016-06-22tws_get_version to reflect latest IB changes:Ben Alex
2016-03-14Improve JAR location now that upstream has started splitting JARs andBen Alex
2015-12-11Changes to support IB TWS's 954.2o release, which now runs TWSBen Alex
2015-11-30Support 954.2a, including major changes to IB's release format.Ben Alex
2015-06-10Additional AUR maintenance files formerly stored at GitHubBen Alex