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2021-01-16tws_get_version to now use official tws launch scriptBen Alex
2020-12-24Better handle line buffering in tws_get_versionBen Alex
2020-12-07Refactor tws_ scripts and change to ZST archive formatBen Alex
2020-09-03Revert tws_get_version xvfb useBen Alex
2020-09-01tws_get_versoin to reflect new TWS locationsBen Alex
2018-04-06Use hard-coded Java 8 for tws_get_version due to access violation if Java 9 ↵Ben Alex
is system default
2016-06-22tws_get_version to reflect latest IB changes:Ben Alex
1. Installer no longer launches TWS automatically 2. Stdout is no longer the place to find the version 3. 'Build' line is no longer with the expected prefix Works OK with 956.2n, which is the current version.
2016-03-14Improve JAR location now that upstream has started splitting JARs andBen Alex
renaming things...
2015-12-11Changes to support IB TWS's 954.2o release, which now runs TWSBen Alex
automatically follows an unattended install.
2015-11-30Support 954.2a, including major changes to IB's release format.Ben Alex
2015-06-10Additional AUR maintenance files formerly stored at GitHubBen Alex