Package Details: adminer 4.8.1-1

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Package Base: adminer
Description: A full-featured MySQL management tool written in PHP
Upstream URL:
Keywords: database management mysql postgresql sqlite
Licenses: GPL2, Apache
Submitter: seberm
Maintainer: supermario
Last Packager: supermario
Votes: 86
Popularity: 0.000243
First Submitted: 2010-10-05 17:25 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2021-05-14 11:17 (UTC)

Latest Comments

alex-y commented on 2020-08-07 08:02 (UTC)

Same error here... ERROR: One or more files did not pass the validity check!

karcher commented on 2020-07-12 10:58 (UTC)


I'm getting following error when I try to update:

:: (1/1) Parsing SRCINFO: adminer
==> Making package: adminer 4.7.7-2 (Sun 12 Jul 2020 12:35:04 PM CEST)
==> Retrieving sources...
  -> Found adminer.install
  -> Found httpd-adminer.conf
  -> Found adminer-4.7.7.php
==> Validating source files with sha256sums...
    adminer.install ... Passed
    httpd-adminer.conf ... Passed
    adminer-4.7.7.php ... FAILED
==> ERROR: One or more files did not pass the validity check!
error downloading sources: adminer

Lopo commented on 2019-05-12 06:17 (UTC)

==> Validating source files with sha256sums... adminer.install ... Passed httpd-adminer.conf ... Passed adminer-4.7.1.php ... FAILED ==> ERROR: One or more files did not pass the validity check!

francoism90 commented on 2019-04-21 09:02 (UTC)

@supermario It would indeed be better to comment the following line: install -Dm0644 "httpd-${pkgname}.conf" \ "$pkgdir/etc/httpd/conf/extra/httpd-${pkgname}.conf"

I don't use Apache. :)

lottobingo commented on 2018-05-11 15:01 (UTC)

PKGBUILD is not working for me.

==> ERROR: Cannot find the strip binary required for object file stripping.

==> ERROR: An unknown error has occurred. Exiting...

Archie01 commented on 2018-02-17 05:54 (UTC) (edited on 2018-02-17 07:19 (UTC) by Archie01)

is there any way to implement permanent login?

EDIT: nevermind i edit the file manually

TehCraw commented on 2017-11-12 04:16 (UTC)

For those who don't know, this doesn't just automagically start working; you have to include Adminer in your Apache config. Open /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf At the end of the Includes list, paste this in: Include conf/extra/httpd-adminer.conf Restart httpd. You will be then be able to access Adminer at http://localhost/adminer

GZep commented on 2016-06-03 07:51 (UTC)

Adminer 4.2.5 (released 2016-06-01): Fix remote execution in SQLite query SQLite: Require credentials to use PostgreSQL: Support KILL

supermario commented on 2016-03-11 11:06 (UTC)

Sorry about that! Fixed.

leledumbo commented on 2016-03-11 06:36 (UTC)

sha256sum of http-adminer.conf is wrong, please fix it

jtojnar commented on 2015-09-26 00:23 (UTC)

Adminer now uses a new download URL: See

seberm commented on 2015-08-17 22:28 (UTC)

Hi all, I'm orphaning all adminer packages. I do not use Archlinux as my main distro anymore.

sanduhrs commented on 2015-08-14 15:01 (UTC)

Update to upstream version 4.2.2 and some more adjustments on

acerix commented on 2015-03-16 21:13 (UTC)

Thanks again!

seberm commented on 2015-03-16 18:41 (UTC)


acerix commented on 2015-03-16 16:27 (UTC)

Please update, or orphan the package so someone else can, I volunteer. Thank you

seberm commented on 2014-04-30 16:20 (UTC)

@neard: Thank you for your hints :). Updated.

neard commented on 2014-04-28 14:19 (UTC)

At the end of the install, it mentions sqlite3 as an optional dependency. The package is just sqlite for version 3 (and sqlite2 for 2). Also it calls for mysql, however mariadb has replaced it in the official repos and is 100% compatible. Otherwise good work on making a near-seamless install! (Still easier than installing phpmyadmin)

seberm commented on 2014-04-19 09:32 (UTC)

Updated - Changelog:

francoism commented on 2014-03-25 15:39 (UTC)

@sebrem: you should also remove the php_value inside the .conf file. This cannot be used (anymore) when using PHP with fcgi, which seems to be default now. ;)

seberm commented on 2014-03-16 20:41 (UTC)

Changed :). Thank you

francoism commented on 2014-03-16 19:13 (UTC)

Thanks to comment from B_E, it is indeed needed to change the access lines for Apache 2.4 > Require all granted. Added this to the adminer ArchWiki. :) I would however recommend to change this inside your PKGBUILD.

francoism commented on 2014-03-16 18:58 (UTC)

Thanks for providing this package. :) There is one problem with the following line if you use any fcgi-module: php_admin_value open_basedir Possible solution is to comment this line and change this in php.ini itself. :)

B_E commented on 2014-03-13 18:50 (UTC)

In case you get a 403 when accessing /adminer try adding Require all granted to /etc/httpd/conf/extra/httpd-adminer.conf within the <Directory>-block.

r0bst7m commented on 2014-01-19 20:55 (UTC)

Working with me.

fatmike commented on 2014-01-09 09:31 (UTC)

I'm getting this error too. It is because of Apache httpd 2.4 does not understand some of the old config statements.

seberm commented on 2013-10-12 20:30 (UTC)

Hi @mandos... I'm not getting any error.. it's working fine for me. It should be exactly the same configuration like phpmyadmin from official repo: I'm unflagging the package.

mandos commented on 2013-09-12 14:36 (UTC)

As per seberm request I marked this out of date. Line 7 in conf file: php_admin_value open_basedir "/srv/:/tmp/:/usr/share/webapps/:/etc/webapps:/usr/share/pear/" Produces an error when starting httpd.

seberm commented on 2012-12-31 22:42 (UTC)

PKGBUILD update was submitted without test, if any problem just mark this package out-of-date.

commented on 2012-10-08 10:19 (UTC)


seberm commented on 2012-10-08 10:10 (UTC)

Created new package - Adminer Editor: > "It is possible to use most of Adminer skins also with Adminer Editor." If somebody wants it's possible to create adminer-editor-skins package too.

seberm commented on 2012-08-06 10:36 (UTC)

Updated to 3.5.0:

seberm commented on 2012-03-07 09:14 (UTC)


seberm commented on 2011-11-30 14:22 (UTC)

You welcome:). Yes... I think it's not possible for now. Maybe in some future version of adminer...;-) We will see.

commented on 2011-11-30 11:20 (UTC)

Oh, thanks! Do you think it's possible to install more than one skin and choose your favourite? I'm thinking but IMHO the answer is no :(

seberm commented on 2011-11-30 09:42 (UTC)

Hi. I've just prepared package adminer-skins for you. Please try it;-). It's neccessary to uncomment one of skins in PKGBUILD.

commented on 2011-11-29 19:56 (UTC)

What do you think about skins?

commented on 2011-10-01 16:21 (UTC)

Better than phpmyadmin. Thanks!

seberm commented on 2011-07-30 14:26 (UTC)

Updated. Adminer 3.3.1 released Fix XSS introduced in Adminer 3.2.0 Fix altering default values (PostgreSQL) Process list (PostgreSQL)

seberm commented on 2011-07-20 10:31 (UTC)

Updated. Changes you can find here: (English) (Czech)

korobkov commented on 2011-04-16 11:41 (UTC)

Thank you :) About as for me, wget works well with urls like (via redirects). So I suggest source=(${pkgver}.zip)...

seberm commented on 2011-04-16 11:07 (UTC)

Hi, yes..., my fault. I've made some changes. Now all adminer files are packed in one file called index.php. I have changed chmod to 644 and everything works fine. BTW - Is there any way to get some better source link from

korobkov commented on 2011-04-15 16:56 (UTC)

What is the need in 755 mode on all php files in adminer folder?

seberm commented on 2011-04-15 15:06 (UTC)

Thank you:-). I've changed it. I hope it's ok now.

nous commented on 2011-04-15 09:06 (UTC)

Great, thanks. BTW, 'apache' and 'mysql' shoud be listed as optdepends, since adminer works with other webservers (I use it with lighttpd) and databases.

seberm commented on 2011-02-25 22:34 (UTC)

Updated to 3.2.0 Changelog here: