Package Details: aseprite 1.2.25-1

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Package Base: aseprite
Description: Create animated sprites and pixel art
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Keywords: animation art editor gamedev image pixel sprites
Licenses: custom
Conflicts: aseprite-git, aseprite-gpl, skia-git
Submitter: benob
Maintainer: fbrennan (abueide, rouhannb)
Last Packager: rouhannb
Votes: 80
Popularity: 2.47
First Submitted: 2011-11-01 17:40
Last Updated: 2020-11-18 08:50

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rouhannb commented on 2020-04-01 04:31

I decided to try it out for myself, and the same thing is happening to me. I’m not really sure why it’s happening, but my guess is that it has something to do with makepkg. I’ve tried building the AUR package depot-tools-git and I ran into the same problem, but cloning the repository by hand works fine.

I’ll just leave this pinned until the problem goes away: if the package is hanging when downloading depot_tools, run git clone --bare depot_tools and rerun makepkg.

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rouhannb commented on 2020-11-18 08:24

@ISSOtm I don’t think that’s the problem. The tarballs are not part of the git repo, they’re downloaded just like any other source. However, the MD5s seem to be completely different each time they are downloaded.

EDIT: It was the timestamps. These tarballs seem to be generated on the fly, and each file is given a modify time of when the request was made, so they’ll be different every time. For now, I think I’ll just set all the tarballs’ checksums to SKIP, but I’ll try to see if there’s some way to perform a checksum on the file contents, not the metadata.

EDIT 2: The checksums are now all SKIP, so there should be no more problems.

ISSOtm commented on 2020-11-17 13:19

The .gitignore is set to ignore the tarballs, so git pull doesn't fetch them. makepkg finds the MD5s invalid, and aborts.

rouhannb commented on 2020-11-16 23:31

I’ll see if I can replace some of them with non-VCS dependencies, but as far as I know I can’t remove any of them.

EDIT: All the git dependencies, save for skia and depot_tools, are now tarballs.

basedtho commented on 2020-11-13 10:20

it pulls an insane amount of dependencies from git

rouhannb commented on 2020-10-19 00:41

Is that all there is? Please post the entire log in a pastebin because I can’t exactly tell what’s going on here.

I have just built this package in a chroot, and it never gave an error like this one. Have you tried the same, or built Aseprite manually, and does it give the same error?

joilnen commented on 2020-10-15 21:57

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rouhannb commented on 2020-08-22 18:16

Readlink shows /usr/bin/python2 for me, so it should be fine.

ISSOtm commented on 2020-08-22 18:11

Oh yeah, symlinking makes more sense for folders, less so for files. Got caught up in symlinking all the things!

As for which -p, it seems to be a zsh thing, actually, so I guess it'll be fine on bash?

rouhannb commented on 2020-08-22 17:37

I’ve decided to take out the first loop and just use it as one statement, and to use which for finding python2 (although I’ve never heard of a -p flag for which).

But what exactly is the point of symlinking gn? Makepkg already symlinks files to src/, so I can’t see any performance benefit, and the program works and looks fine without doing so.

ISSOtm commented on 2020-08-22 16:57

I had not refreshed the page so I didn't see your comment, but I added a Gist link to the PKGBUILD I used.

It does not loop over the deps, though that loses the ability to split them across lines, and whatever performance gain is probably irrelevant. I does symlink gn as well, though. It also doesn't hardcode the path to python2, but maybe using which isn't a great idea without -p.