AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-20Update to v1.2.27, add Python 3 to makedependsrouhannb
2020-11-18Change googlesource tarball checksums to SKIProuhannb
2020-11-16Download tarballs instead of git reposrouhannb
2020-08-22Some cleanup, stop hardcoding path of Python 2rouhannb
2020-08-22Allow package to be rebuilt without cleaning src/rouhannb
2020-08-18Fix typo that breaks buildrouhannb
2020-08-18Update to v1.2.25rouhannb
2020-08-12Update to v1.2.24rouhannb
2020-08-05Update to v1.2.23rouhannb
2020-08-04Update to v1.2.22rouhannb
2020-06-20Update to v1.2.21rouhannb
2020-05-31Update to
2020-05-28Update to 1.2.19rouhannb
2020-04-24Update to 1.2.18rouhannb
2020-04-12Replace dependency harfbuzz-icu with harfbuzzrouhannb
2020-04-11Add freeglut and xorgproto as makedependsrouhannb
2020-03-13Restoring old python2 hackrouhannb
2020-03-13Fix checksums for gnrouhannb
2020-03-13Use static libjpegrouhannb
2020-03-13Add .gitignorerouhannb
2020-03-12Update to v1.2.17rouhannb
2020-02-19Empty pkgrel bumprouhannb
2020-02-11Remove skia, update pkgrelRohan Bafna
2020-02-04Update srcinfoAndrew Bueide
2020-02-04Add skia-git as conflicting dependency (build fails with it installed)Andrew Bueide
2019-11-22Fix checksum for aseprite.desktoprouhannb
2019-11-21Update to v1.2.16.2rouhannb
2019-10-27Update to v1.2.15rouhannb
2019-07-01Update source infoAndrew Bueide
2019-07-01Update to 1.2.12Andrew Bueide
2019-05-21Remove .AURINFOAndrew Bueide
2019-05-21Update to 1.11Andrew Bueide
2018-08-13Disabled Allegro4 alias fixWilson E. Alvarez
2018-07-29aseprite v1.2.9Wilson E. Alvarez
2018-04-03aseprite v1.2.8Wilson E. Alvarez
2018-03-18Fixed dependency error. Cannot use shared libloadpngWilson E. Alvarez
2018-03-18aseprite v1.2.7.2Wilson E. Alvarez
2018-03-17Do not use the allegro4 library from the official repositoryWilson E. Alvarez
2018-03-16aseprite v1.2.7Wilson E. Alvarez
2017-12-20aseprite v1.2.6Wilson E. Alvarez
2017-11-16Delete conflicting files with package libarchive. Must disable the compilatio...Wilson E. Alvarez
2017-11-16Disabled using the shared freetype library due to a missing fileWilson E. Alvarez
2017-11-16aseprite v1.1.24Wilson E. Alvarez
2017-03-03Added StartupWMClass=allegro to aseprite.desktopWilson E. Alvarez
2017-03-03Removed git from makedepends, and git command to fix error in build()Wilson E. Alvarez
2017-03-02aseprite v1.1.13Wilson E. Alvarez
2016-12-20add git dependencyBenoit Favre
2016-12-19remove cmark/gtest conflictBenoit Favre
2016-12-10bump version to 1.1.11, WARNING: upstream installs files from other projectsBenoit Favre
2016-10-23bump version to 1.1.9Benoit Favre