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Package Base: blesh-git
Description: Bash Line Editor ( -- a replacement for Bash's line editor with enhanced features
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Licenses: BSD
Conflicts: blesh
Provides: blesh
Submitter: akinomyoga
Maintainer: akinomyoga
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First Submitted: 2022-01-23 12:23 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2023-11-10 09:02 (UTC)

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akinomyoga commented on 2023-08-17 14:59 (UTC)

Thank you for the clarification. I'll keep the current minimal set of dependency specifications. Since package maintainers of several other distributions seem to reference PKGBUILD of AUR, maybe I'll later add comments about the additional dependencies omitted for Arch Linux.

Finally, thank you for all your help. It was very helpful in improving the package configuration.

willemw commented on 2023-08-17 11:14 (UTC)

Yes, "should" was a bit too strong from me (it is just my personal preference to have minimal dependency lists). The only mandatory dependency discussed here is git. Listing the rest is up to you.

akinomyoga commented on 2023-08-16 21:31 (UTC) (edited on 2023-08-16 21:32 (UTC) by akinomyoga)

If git is a runtime dependency as well, then you only need depends=(git) and no makedepends.

Thank you for your reply. Then, the last version I pushed before your reply is already in that form.

I've also already modified the upstream GNUmakefile to expose a make variable INSDIR_LICENSE and modified PKGBUILD of blesh-git to specify that variable.

I've already removed all the dependencies except for git, but I now found the following description in PKGUBILD 4.1 depends (Arch Wiki):

In some cases this is not necessary and may or may not be listed, for example glibc cannot be uninstalled as every system needs some C library

glibc is a part of the base package group. The description appears to mean that a dependency that is already in base or base-devel doesn't need to be specified to depends yet it's not mandatory to remove them from depends.

willemw commented on 2023-08-16 19:06 (UTC) (edited on 2023-08-16 19:46 (UTC) by willemw)

If git is a runtime dependency as well, then you only need depends=(git) and no makedepends.

Just noticed: you are also the upstream developer. :-)

You could change GNUmakefile to accommodate for Arch Linux, however, normally and just as easily can this be solved in the PKGBUILD file: modify GNUmakefile in prepare() using sed or move the license file at the end of package().

And adding a license file is just a guideline.

akinomyoga commented on 2023-08-16 13:35 (UTC)


You only need makedepends=(git). No depends.

Do I need to write it that way even when git is a runtime dependency of ble-0.4?

Do something like:

install -Dm644 "$pkgdir/usr/share/licenses/$pkgname/LICENSE"

in package() instead of changing GNUmakefile. See

In that way, would be duplicated in both /usr/share/doc/blesh and in /usr/share/licenses/blesh. Anyway, I'd like to edit GNUmakefile so that the install location of the license file can be externally specified through a make variable (the default location will not be changed). Or is there a reason that I should not edit GNUmakefile?

Also, I'm not sure if I'll update it soon, but blesh (ble-0.3.4) is relying on the tarball distributed on the GitHub release page, which doesn't include any license file, so anyway GNUmakefile of ble-0.3 needs to be updated to include a license file in the tarball.

willemw commented on 2023-08-16 10:17 (UTC)

See the pre-installed "Dependencies" of and

You only need makedepends=(git). No depends.

Do something like:

install -Dm644 "$pkgdir/usr/share/licenses/$pkgname/LICENSE"

in package() instead of changing GNUmakefile. See

akinomyoga commented on 2023-08-16 09:56 (UTC)

Also, bash gawk sed make [...]

@willemw: Thank you for your help. Is there a complete list of the packages that should not be specified in depends or makedepends? I tried to find the information, but I somehow could not anything related to the pre-installed packages that should not specified in PKGBUILD.

On the other hand, I found it on the ArchWiki page of PKGBUILD that makedepends should only include packages that are only needed in the build time. Since every package in makedepends are alreadly included in depends, I've just removed makedepends. namcap seems to warn about missing git in makedepends, but if I specifiy it, it still warns about redundant git in makedepends; namcap complains about both ways.

the BSD license should be [...]

For the licenses, I need to modify GNUmakefile of the main repository, so I'll update it later.

willemw commented on 2023-08-16 09:18 (UTC)

@akinomyoga: yes, the packages will now behave correctly. Also, bash gawk sed make come pre-installed so should not be listed and the BSD license should be installed in /usr/share/licenses/<pkgname>/.

akinomyoga commented on 2023-08-16 08:42 (UTC)

@willemw Thank you for the information. I've updated blesh and blesh-git. I'm not sure if I did it in the correct way, so could you check them?

willemw commented on 2023-08-16 07:28 (UTC)

provides and conflicts for blesh are missing and package blesh should not have a conflicts.