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Description: Cairo based composite manager - Git version
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Licenses: LGPL3
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Provides: cairo-compmgr
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Maintainer: bidulock
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First Submitted: 2009-09-11 20:11 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2015-10-21 03:04 (UTC)

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flashywaffles commented on 2015-06-05 11:49 (UTC)

Getting this error: Makefile:835: recipe for target 'libccm_timeline_la_vala.stamp' failed Disappeared after vala was installed.

loserMcloser commented on 2015-05-28 22:35 (UTC)

Sure seems to need vala. /bin/sh: valac: command not found

cgirard commented on 2015-05-20 12:27 (UTC)

No this use the newer branch without vala.

Osleg commented on 2015-05-20 10:40 (UTC)

The package requires vala as build dependency

ThePierrezou commented on 2015-04-28 18:29 (UTC)

Thank you verry much uchenic, this pkgbuild seem to work :)

uchenic commented on 2015-04-18 19:12 (UTC)

Proposed by delusionallogic PKGBUILD file

delusional commented on 2015-03-24 17:03 (UTC)

The error seems to be caused by the "clone" plugin. Disable that and it will run fine.

acgtyrant commented on 2015-02-11 04:42 (UTC)

I meet the error as Corax too~

Corax commented on 2014-12-21 14:26 (UTC)

I retried today (with a clean build directory), still the same, I get this when I try to launch cairo-compmgr: 0,000002: 0,000040: cannot add class private field to invalid type 'CCMClone' 0,002096: ??:0 ccm_log_print_backtrace() 0,002106: ??:0 g_logv() 0,002120: ??:0 g_log() 0,002124: ??:0 ccm_clone_register_type() 0,002127: ??:0 ccm_clone_get_plugin_type() 0,002131: ??:0 ccm_extension_loader_get_preferences_plugins() 0,002135: ??:0 ccm_preferences_page_new() 0,002138: ??:0 ccm_preferences_new() 0,002142: ??:0 ccm_tray_menu_new() 0,002145: ??:0 ccm_tray_icon_new() 0,002148: ??:0 main() 0,002151: ??:0 __libc_start_main() 0,002155: ??:0 _start() 0,516211: 0,516227: g_type_instance_get_class_private() requires a prior call to g_type_add_class_private() 0,518637: ??:0 ccm_log_print_backtrace() 0,518648: ??:0 g_logv() 0,518652: ??:0 g_log() 0,518656: ??:0 g_type_class_get_private() 0,518659: ??:0 ccm_output_new() 0,518662: ??:0 ccm_screen_plugin_load_options() 0,518666: [0x24ff] ??() ??:0 0,518669: ??:0 ccm_screen_plugin_load_options() 0,518673: ??:0 ccm_screen_plugin_load_options() 0,518676: ??:0 ccm_window_paint() 0,518679: ??:0 ccm_screen_new() 0,518682: ??:0 ccm_display_new() 0,518686: ??:0 ccm_tray_menu_new() 0,518689: ??:0 ccm_tray_icon_new() 0,518692: ??:0 main() 0,518696: ??:0 __libc_start_main() 0,518699: ??:0 _start() 0,520852: ??:0 ccm_log_print_backtrace() 0,520861: ??:0 ccm_preferences_page_plugin_init_utilities_section() 0,520866: sigaction.c:0 __restore_rt() 0,520869: ??:0 ccm_output_new() 0,520872: ??:0 ccm_screen_plugin_load_options() 0,520876: [0x24ff] ??() ??:0 0,520879: ??:0 ccm_screen_plugin_load_options() 0,520883: ??:0 ccm_screen_plugin_load_options() 0,520886: ??:0 ccm_window_paint() 0,520889: ??:0 ccm_screen_new() 0,520893: ??:0 ccm_display_new() 0,520896: ??:0 ccm_tray_menu_new() 0,520899: ??:0 ccm_tray_icon_new() 0,520902: ??:0 main() 0,520905: ??:0 __libc_start_main() 0,520909: ??:0 _start()

cgirard commented on 2014-11-17 16:55 (UTC)

It works from me. Try starting from a clean build directory.

Corax commented on 2014-11-09 18:30 (UTC)

Has anyone tried it with vala 0.26? Even before the PKGBUILD was updated I tried recompiling with vala 0.26 (modifying the PKGBUILD accordingly), but I had a runtime error when running cairo-compmgr, so I downgraded to 0.24 and recompiled again.

Xiaoming94 commented on 2014-10-28 14:35 (UTC)

configure: error: Package requirements (xcomposite, xdamage, xext, xi, x11, ice, sm, xrandr, gl, cairo >= 1.8.0, pixman-1 >= 0.16.0, gtk+-2.0 >= 2.16.0 libvala-0.24 >= 0.18.0) were not met: No package 'libvala-0.24' found Got these errors while compiling

cgirard commented on 2014-05-30 12:21 (UTC)

Thanks filand and sorry for the delay

filand commented on 2014-05-26 08:12 (UTC)

Following patch helps. Please add folowing to 4.diff or create a separate patch (IMHO prefered): diff --git a/src/ccm-debug.c b/src/ccm-debug.c index 1b4d3d7..3fab8f5 100644 --- a/src/ccm-debug.c +++ b/src/ccm-debug.c @@ -55,8 +55,9 @@ #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <execinfo.h> +#include <libiberty/ansidecl.h> +#include <libiberty/libiberty.h> #include <bfd.h> -#include <libiberty.h> #include <dlfcn.h> #include <link.h> #endif /* HAVE_EDEBUG */

Xiaoming94 commented on 2014-05-19 21:17 (UTC)

Same build error as the two below.

Corax commented on 2014-05-18 13:11 (UTC)

Same here, a static assertion fails in multiple files: G_STATIC_ASSERT (sizeof *(location) == sizeof (gpointer));

bsidb commented on 2014-05-09 00:26 (UTC)

Do you meet compile error? It fails to compile due to an error in 'Makefile:640: recipe for target 'ccm-debug.o' failed'

leong commented on 2014-04-15 14:35 (UTC)

vala0.22 to vala0.24 (2014-04-14) upgrade creates a broken dependency A quick & dirty workaround (waiting for something better): change these 2 lines in PKGBUILD sed -i 's!libvala-0.18!libvala-0.22!' sed -i 's!libvala-0.18!libvala-0.22!' vapi/cairo-compmgr.deps to sed -i 's!libvala-0.18!libvala-0.24!' sed -i 's!libvala-0.18!libvala-0.24!' vapi/cairo-compmgr.deps Seems to work fine

cgirard commented on 2014-03-31 20:18 (UTC)

For reference:

cgirard commented on 2014-03-31 19:57 (UTC)

Nice! I'll update ASAP. Did you report upstream?

socke commented on 2014-03-31 19:50 (UTC)

I've fixed the build errors and posted the two patches with a new PKGBUILD in the german thread on:

cgirard commented on 2014-02-23 14:30 (UTC)

Xiaoming94: sorry but I still haven't find how to solve the error reported by Next7. The libiberty error is easy to fix (just replace libiberty.h by libiberty/libiberty.h in the include) but I cannot release a new version which still does not compile.

Xiaoming94 commented on 2014-02-22 21:49 (UTC)

I Get the same Compilation error as dnf

cgirard commented on 2014-01-07 14:02 (UTC)

I have tried a fix which works on cairo-compmgr PKGBUILD but not on the git version (I am hitting the compilation error given by Next7 below).

dnf commented on 2014-01-05 17:54 (UTC)

build() ends up with error: ccm-debug.c:59:23: fatal error: libiberty.h: No such file or directory #include <libiberty.h> I have found the file in: /usr/include/libiberty.h Apparently, other users had the same problem, as described here (in German language): Any sugestions how to build it?

Next7 commented on 2013-12-02 04:01 (UTC)

The package fails to build with vala-0.22.1-1. Any suggestions? === cairo-compmgr.vapi:484.9-484.33: error: overriding method `CCM.Window.query_opacity' is incompatible with base method `CCM.WindowPlugin.query_opacity': incompatible type of parameter 1. public void query_opacity (bool deleted); ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ cairo-compmgr.vapi:494.9-494.37: error: overriding method `CCM.Window.set_opaque_region' is incompatible with base method `CCM.WindowPlugin.set_opaque_region': incompatible type of parameter 1. public void set_opaque_region (CCM.Region region); ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ cairo-compmgr.vapi:273.9-273.30: error: overriding method `CCM.Screen.add_window' is incompatible with base method `CCM.ScreenPlugin.add_window': incompatible type of parameter 1. public bool add_window (CCM.Window window); ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ cairo-compmgr.vapi:274.9-274.33: error: overriding method `CCM.Screen.remove_window' is incompatible with base method `CCM.ScreenPlugin.remove_window': incompatible type of parameter 1. public void remove_window (CCM.Window window); ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ccm-window-animation.vala:322.27-322.29: warning: Gtk is deprecated. Use gtk+-3.0 Compilation failed: 4 error(s), 2 warning(s) Makefile:569: recipe for target 'libccm_window_animation_la_vala.stamp' failed make[2]: *** [libccm_window_animation_la_vala.stamp] Error 1 make[2]: Leaving directory 'aur/cairo-compmgr-git/src/cairocompmgr/plugins/window-animation' Makefile:429: recipe for target 'all-recursive' failed make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1 make[1]: Leaving directory 'aur/cairo-compmgr-git/src/cairocompmgr/plugins' Makefile:499: recipe for target 'all-recursive' failed make: *** [all-recursive] Error 1 ==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build(). Aborting...

cgirard commented on 2013-11-12 11:41 (UTC)

@ckozler: there is not much I can do. Please report this directly to upstream.

ckozler commented on 2013-11-09 23:56 (UTC)

Hi - First off thank you for providing this package- it really is lightweight and great! However, after I moved from xf86-video-ati to catalyst-hook/catalyst driver on xorg 1.3 I can no longer seem to run this. Stack trace is below - please let me know what else you need from me to help solve this ┌─[18:54:01]─[ckozler@localhost] └──> cairo-compmgr-git $ >> cairo-compmgr Xlib: extension "RANDR" missing on display ":0.0". 0.000002: 0.000516: IA__gtk_widget_set_colormap: assertion 'GDK_IS_COLORMAP (colormap)' failed 0.004024: ??:0 ccm_log_print_backtrace() 0.004067: ??:0 g_logv() 0.004091: ??:0 g_log() 0.004137: ??:0 ccm_preferences_new() 0.004155: ??:0 ccm_tray_menu_new() 0.004174: ??:0 ccm_tray_icon_new() 0.004193: ??:0 main() 0.004211: ??:0 __libc_start_main() 0.004229: ??:0 _start() 0.006077: 0.006111: g_object_unref: assertion 'G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed 0.009137: ??:0 ccm_log_print_backtrace() 0.009173: ??:0 g_logv() 0.009196: ??:0 g_log() 0.009239: ??:0 ccm_window_new() 0.009259: ??:0 g_object_unref() 0.009276: ??:0 ccm_display_new() 0.009295: ??:0 ccm_tray_menu_new() 0.009312: ??:0 ccm_tray_icon_new() 0.009329: ??:0 main() 0.009348: ??:0 __libc_start_main() 0.009364: ??:0 _start() 0.009383: 0.009394: g_object_unref: assertion 'G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed 0.012055: ??:0 ccm_log_print_backtrace() 0.012079: ??:0 g_logv() 0.012094: ??:0 g_log() 0.012109: ??:0 ccm_window_new() 0.012124: ??:0 g_object_unref() 0.012138: ??:0 ccm_display_new() 0.012152: ??:0 ccm_tray_menu_new() 0.012166: ??:0 ccm_tray_icon_new() 0.012181: ??:0 main() 0.012195: ??:0 __libc_start_main() 0.012209: ??:0 _start() 0.012236: 0.012251: Composite init failed for (null) 0.014746: ??:0 ccm_log_print_backtrace() 0.014780: ??:0 g_logv() 0.014801: ??:0 g_log() 0.014844: ??:0 ccm_display_new() 0.014862: ??:0 ccm_tray_menu_new() 0.014882: ??:0 ccm_tray_icon_new() 0.014901: ??:0 main() 0.014918: ??:0 __libc_start_main() 0.014936: ??:0 _start()

cgirard commented on 2013-10-09 09:49 (UTC)

Only corrected the vala dep. mesa-libgl provides libgl but other packages provide it as well.

torors commented on 2013-10-08 15:48 (UTC)

After upgrade (okt. 2013) I think those lines must bee changed: depends=("gtk2>=2.16.0" "vala>=0.20" libsm libgl) to depends=("gtk2>=2.16.0" "vala>=0.20" libsm mesa-libgl) and: sed -i 's!libvala-0.18!libvala-0.20!' sed -i 's!libvala-0.18!libvala-0.20!' vapi/cairo-compmgr.deps to sed -i 's!libvala-0.18!libvala-0.22!' sed -i 's!libvala-0.18!libvala-0.22!' vapi/cairo-compmgr.deps

cgirard commented on 2013-08-04 08:56 (UTC)

Or not... crayZsaaron, please read the wiki about AUR guideline. base-devel are implicit dependencies.

mortimer_mcmire commented on 2013-08-03 21:37 (UTC)

autoconf, automake, and libtool should be added to the dependencies - The build script relies on autoreconf and aclocal, and libtool is required in Thanks for contributing, though!

cgirard commented on 2013-01-20 18:23 (UTC)

Fixed. @sporkasaurus: it should fix your issue as well.

commented on 2013-01-18 14:32 (UTC)

/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/4.7.2/../../../../lib/libbfd.a(compress.o):function bfd_compress_section_contents: error: undefined reference to 'compressBound' /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/4.7.2/../../../../lib/libbfd.a(compress.o):function bfd_compress_section_contents: error: undefined reference to 'compress' /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/4.7.2/../../../../lib/libbfd.a(compress.o):function bfd_get_full_section_contents: error: undefined reference to 'inflateEnd' /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/4.7.2/../../../../lib/libbfd.a(compress.o):function bfd_get_full_section_contents: error: undefined reference to 'inflateInit_' /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/4.7.2/../../../../lib/libbfd.a(compress.o):function bfd_get_full_section_contents: error: undefined reference to 'inflate' /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/4.7.2/../../../../lib/libbfd.a(compress.o):function bfd_get_full_section_contents: error: undefined reference to 'inflateReset' collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status make[2]: *** [cairo-compmgr] Error 1 make[2]: Leaving directory `/home/koss/Downloads/cairo-compmgr-git/src/cairocompmgr-build/src' make[1]: *** [all] Error 2 make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/koss/Downloads/cairo-compmgr-git/src/cairocompmgr-build/src' make: *** [all-recursive] Error 1 ==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build(). Aborting...

commented on 2013-01-16 00:56 (UTC)

Hey guys, am having alot of trouble compiling this. Please see whats in the pastebin. Seems to be different than the issue everyone else is reporting. Any help would be most appreciated.

FoolEcho commented on 2013-01-12 12:10 (UTC)

To compile and link correctly, you need to add -lz to the LIBS (like for the no-git package).

cgirard commented on 2012-11-14 09:37 (UTC)

Well, thanks! I'm afraid it will. If anyone know how to properly handle this I'm all ear.

DaveCode commented on 2012-11-13 23:27 (UTC)

OK thank you for clarifying what happened to me. It was a freak glitch. Will it happen whenever vala version number bumps? I would still like the PKGBUILD to check deps before download/build steps. I'm not sure it's possible but it would help. Thank you so much, you make Arch a happy place for us.

cgirard commented on 2012-11-13 09:24 (UTC)

The PKGBUILD does work out of the box. When you tested vala had just been updated in Arch repos but the dependency check not changed in upstream source files. That is why it failed. What I meant by more strict was putting something like "vala=0.18" but it would mean that whenever vala is updated in the repo you would not be able to install the update without uninstalling cairo-compmgr-git. People using vala-git have to edit the PKGBUILD and only them.

DaveCode commented on 2012-11-13 06:19 (UTC)

@cgirard: I meant to communicate something else and think you even got strictness backwards, let me explain. The PKGBUILD doesn't work out of the box, period, regardless of vala version, stock or -git. It should work with one or the other (or both). Any PKGBUILD should work without edits. This one needs edits no matter which vala is installed. So it fails to track the Arch ecosystem in any way at all. Pick stock or -git vala and run with it, or allow any version of vala. If anything, I propose less strictness, not more. Thanks again!

cgirard commented on 2012-11-04 20:31 (UTC)

@DaveCode: I could make the vala dependency more strict but it would annoy the user at each vala update. Not sure it is really better...

DaveCode commented on 2012-11-02 12:12 (UTC)

Thank you for maintaining the package. Here is my report. It fails with stock Arch vala 0.18.0-1, for maybe the same reasons as vala-git, I don't know. It builds against stock Arch vala 0.18.0-1 by changing the 0.20's to 0.18's in the commented-out sed commands, and uncommenting same. So whether one uses stock vala or vala-git one needs to edit this PKGBUILD. Can the PKGBUILD check all deps first, avoiding so many download/build steps before bailing on a missing dep? Thank you for your efforts in the AUR.

hplgonzo commented on 2012-10-30 13:20 (UTC)

@cgirard: building with vala-git. thx for adding the commented section.

cgirard commented on 2012-10-29 10:53 (UTC)

Switched to a different git repo (more up-to-date). Please remove your src dir before rebuilding (or it won't switch remote git). @hplgonzo: I've added a commented section that should do what you have asked (not tested).

hplgonzo commented on 2012-10-28 10:05 (UTC)

not building with vala-git ( anymore since last update. missing possibility to change version in the PKGCONFIG's sed commands from 16 to 20.

cgirard commented on 2012-10-15 21:52 (UTC)

@benjiprod: the git url is already set to: git://

benjiprod commented on 2012-10-15 21:46 (UTC)

Doesn't work because the good git name is : name_git : cairo-compmgr git://

cgirard commented on 2012-05-01 17:14 (UTC)

@buergi: yes right. @sleepforlife: Could you please run: "LANG=C makepkg -s" and post the output? @donniezazen: Just remove cairo-compmgr-git before building it.

buergi commented on 2012-05-01 16:46 (UTC)

Note to compile it with vala-git(which provides just change the version in the PKGCONFIG's sed commands from 16 to 18 and fix the depends-line.

donniezazen commented on 2012-05-01 16:09 (UTC)

Install or build missing dependencies for cairo-compmgr-git: resolving dependencies... looking for inter-conflicts... :: vala and vala-git are in conflict. Remove vala-git? [y/N] y error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies) :: cairo-compmgr-git: requires vala-git

sleepforlife commented on 2012-05-01 15:58 (UTC)

cm-timeline.c:1105:8: error: stray '\260' in program ccm-timeline.c:1105:15: error: expected ';' before 'MEL' ccm-timeline.c:1105:15: error: stray '\304' in program ccm-timeline.c:1105:15: error: stray '\260' in program make[1]: *** [ccm-timeline.lo] Hata 1 make[1]: `/tmp/yaourt-tmp-sleepforlife/aur-cairo-compmgr-git/src/cairocompmgr-build/lib' dizininden çıkılıyor make: *** [all-recursive] Hata 1 ==> HATA: build() içinde bir hata oluştu. Çıkılıyor... ==> ERROR: Makepkg was unable to build cairo-compmgr-git. ==> Restart building cairo-compmgr-git ? [y/N] ==> ------------------------------------------

cgirard commented on 2012-04-25 15:08 (UTC)

I've read your comments and will update the PKGBUILD ASAP. Switching back to extra/vala seems a good idea.

ewaller commented on 2012-04-25 15:03 (UTC)

I can confirm that on my system, a 64 bit system with testing repositories enabled, that cairo-compmgr does not pkgbuild "Out of the box" On my system, I used aur/vala-git rather than extra/vala. To link, I required Kulpae's 19 April 12 patch to the PKGBUILD. Works dandy.

commented on 2012-04-24 10:33 (UTC)

Seems to build okay with vala 0.16.0-1 that is in extra now. I changed the sed lines in the PKGBUILD to 0.16 instead of 0.18 and the depends line to vala>=0.16 instead of vala-git. Also had to make the change to LIBS as suggested by kulpae below, in the PKGBUILD file.

kulpae commented on 2012-04-19 11:43 (UTC)

I had to link to libgmodule-2.0 to make it build: (because of "ccm-extension.o: undefinied reference to symbol 'g_module_symbol'") ./ --prefix=/usr LIBS="-ldl -lgmodule-2.0"

cgirard commented on 2012-04-03 15:54 (UTC)

"==> ERROR: Makepkg was unable to build vala-git." : this is an error with vala-git build not cairo-compmgr-git

donniezazen commented on 2012-04-03 15:18 (UTC)

./ line 10: valac: command not found **Error**: You must have valac >= 0.12.0 installed to build vala. Download the appropriate package from your distribution or get the source tarball at ==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build(). Aborting... ==> ERROR: Makepkg was unable to build vala-git.

commented on 2012-04-03 14:45 (UTC)

@zertyz I met the same problem and now it's fixed. I compiled vala-git 20120216-1 and libvala was updated to 0.18 version. Change the version number in following lines would help. sed -i 's+vala-0.10+libvala-0.12+' sed -i 's+vala-0.10+libvala-0.12+' vapi/cairo-compmgr.deps

zertyz commented on 2012-03-31 17:57 (UTC)

build is failing with "No package 'libvala-0.16' found"

cgirard commented on 2012-03-07 11:32 (UTC)

"valac" is provided by vala-git. I don't understand how you can be in a state where makepkg try to build without installed dependencies. I'll have a look to see if there is something else wrong.

segrived commented on 2012-03-06 18:34 (UTC)

can't install. now this package requires "valac"

cgirard commented on 2012-02-16 13:43 (UTC)

OK. Corrected.

buergi commented on 2012-02-15 22:27 (UTC)

+1 for bch24's solution, i had the same problem

bch24 commented on 2011-12-22 11:38 (UTC)

Was unable to build using yaourt. Had to modify PKGBUILD and edit: ./ --prefix=/usr to LDFLAGS+="/usr/lib/" ./ --prefix=/usr to compile and install without errors.

cgirard commented on 2011-09-22 22:22 (UTC)

Switched to vala-git waiting vala to be updated.

commented on 2011-09-21 10:46 (UTC)

vala is out of date change it into vala-git libvala could not found

cgirard commented on 2011-03-17 10:02 (UTC)

Corrected. Thanks for the head up.

haawda commented on 2011-03-16 21:18 (UTC)

I had to put sed -i 's+vala-0.10+libvala-0.12+' sed -i 's+vala-0.10+libvala-0.12+' vapi/cairo-compmgr.deps before the call to make this build. Otherwise there are complaints about missing vala-0.10. We have 0.12 in the repos. If you change that, also the depends array should reflect this. We usually prefer install -d over mkdir -p.

cgirard commented on 2010-11-04 14:02 (UTC)

Thanks. Done.

bcat commented on 2010-11-04 04:39 (UTC)

The Vala patch has been integrated upstream, so now the package won't build until it's removed.

cgirard commented on 2010-10-13 16:42 (UTC)

I've improved the package following cairo-compmgr in community as a guideline.

Det commented on 2010-09-29 14:41 (UTC)

Lol, I now got my name on an official package.

cgirard commented on 2010-09-29 09:35 (UTC)

Because it has been promoted to the community repo:

Det commented on 2010-09-29 08:24 (UTC)

Huh, why was cairo-compmgr removed? Didn't find anything on the mailing list.

cgirard commented on 2010-09-28 09:23 (UTC)

Right. Thank you for the remember.

Det commented on 2010-09-28 09:20 (UTC)

Should probably be mentioned in the bug report you filed?:

cgirard commented on 2010-09-27 20:55 (UTC)

OK. I'll add the relevant option to the PKGBUILD then.

commented on 2010-09-27 19:30 (UTC)

"Try removing your '-j3' option in your "MAKEFLAGS"" ============================== Yes, successfully build git-version!

cgirard commented on 2010-09-27 18:45 (UTC)

Yes but the bug could have been introduced upstream between both versions. Try removing your '-j3' option in your "MAKEFLAGS". I don't know why but I got a similar .h file not found when using '-j5'.

commented on 2010-09-27 18:21 (UTC)

hmm, but cairo-compmgr 0.3.0 ( I have now successfully build... my makepkg.conf

cgirard commented on 2010-09-27 18:05 (UTC)

Ok. I was thinking of a bug with a previous version of automake... The new error makes me think of some strange behaviour I had when changing some options in my /etc/makepkg.conf. Could you post yours ? Is anybody able to compile cairo-compmgr on a 32 bits system ?

commented on 2010-09-27 17:59 (UTC)

o_O new error)))

commented on 2010-09-27 17:56 (UTC)

automake (GNU automake) 1.11.1 Copyright (C) 2009 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

cgirard commented on 2010-09-27 17:50 (UTC)

Sorry I was meaning 'automake --version'

commented on 2010-09-27 17:13 (UTC)

[catalyst@catalyst ~]$ automake -v automake: `' or `' is required

cgirard commented on 2010-09-27 15:42 (UTC)

@catalyst: what is your automake version (automake -v) ?

commented on 2010-09-26 17:11 (UTC)

yes, 32-bit vala

Det commented on 2010-09-26 09:54 (UTC)

With cairo-compmgr there was also a compilation issue complaining about a non-existing library: " warning: macro `AM_GCONF_SOURCE_2' not found in library". Clearly that message was about gconf and this one about vala ("AM_PROG_VALAC"). So 32-bit vala issue perhaps?

cgirard commented on 2010-09-24 14:21 (UTC)

OK. As I don't think this bug is related to the package itself, I've opened a bug upstream:

commented on 2010-09-23 18:41 (UTC)


Det commented on 2010-09-23 17:58 (UTC)

Catalyst, please use pastebin with build logs too. Your post is _really_ long.

Det commented on 2010-09-23 13:26 (UTC)

People shouldn't use Yaourt either way. It's kinda buggy.

cgirard commented on 2010-09-23 08:50 (UTC)

OK. Waiting for it.

commented on 2010-09-23 08:35 (UTC)

I have cleared all, but it is impossible in any way. I use yaourt. A full system update has made yesterday The full log of error I will lay out later

cgirard commented on 2010-09-23 07:48 (UTC)

Could you please post a log of the error? What AUR helper are you using if you're using one ? Have you tried to delete the folder where files are pulled from git to be sure you have not fiddled with them.

cgirard commented on 2010-09-23 05:51 (UTC)

Seems strange. The bug is corrected upstream. I've changed the branch it pulls when a first checkout has already been done.

commented on 2010-09-23 03:56 (UTC)

For me doesn't work. It is necessary to make a patch

cgirard commented on 2010-09-22 19:02 (UTC)

Well I'm adopting it then. Let me now if this new version is not working.

Det commented on 2010-09-22 16:46 (UTC)

No, I'm... not going to do that... o_O

commented on 2010-09-22 16:12 (UTC)

Det take away

Det commented on 2010-09-22 16:01 (UTC)

Hardly anybody _needs_ to maintain a package. Bumped for starters.

commented on 2010-09-22 15:51 (UTC)

))) guys so сan pick up this package, I do not need

Det commented on 2010-09-22 15:11 (UTC)

K, good to know.

cgirard commented on 2010-09-22 15:00 (UTC)

The link I provided is a version between "origin" and "master" in the upstream tree. The pkgbuild sync on the "origin".

Det commented on 2010-09-22 14:48 (UTC)

I was just thinking about the same thing :l... E: the vala-required thingy has already been fixed upstream. Actually doesn't the link you provided show the "upstream tree" (is that even a nearly correct term?) anyways? E2: Here's the new package tarball with the correct patching scheme and proper dependencies:

cgirard commented on 2010-09-22 14:27 (UTC)

I will. But I don't understand the purpose of maintaining AUR packages if you cannot do it by yourself.

commented on 2010-09-22 13:56 (UTC)

please will make patch and give me PKGBUILD

cgirard commented on 2010-09-22 09:14 (UTC)

Some corrections: * You should apply the patch after copying the git folder because it complies with the guidelines and because as it is today it avoids rebuilding twice the package (the patch cannot be applied twice) * need to be patched, as done here (vala version):;a=commitdiff;h=06d2dea6cf28c27c11a268f6631ddfb84dd5229d

Det commented on 2010-09-21 18:27 (UTC)

Well this is all very amusing. There must be something else than what meets the eye here. Just to make sure this wasn't some Bauerbill only based compilation success - which it even shouldn't be, I built this thing with Packer too - just to see how it succeeded nonetheless. Are you absolutely certain that your system is up-to-date and that there is no former traces in your build environment (e.g. with bauerbill: "/tmp/bauerbill/aur/cairo-compmgr-git" and with packer: "/tmp/packerbuild-0/cairo-compmgr-git")? If there is, you should clean the dirs with "rm -rf /path/to/the/package/or/the/aur/wrapper/itself" - just be very careful when doing so. You wouldn't want to remove "/" or anything like that because of a vexatious additional space after "/" (e.g. "/ tmp/bauerbill") or so on.

commented on 2010-09-21 18:08 (UTC) warning: macro `AM_PROG_VALAC' not found in library autoreconf: running: /usr/bin/autoconf --force error: possibly undefined macro: AM_PROG_VALAC If this token and others are legitimate, please use m4_pattern_allow. See the Autoconf documentation. autoreconf: /usr/bin/autoconf failed with exit status: 1 ((((((

Det commented on 2010-09-21 17:32 (UTC)


commented on 2010-09-21 17:18 (UTC)

I don't know a fucking english))

Det commented on 2010-09-21 15:59 (UTC)

Still compiles fine here. Have you 'pacman -Syu'd lately? Cleaned your build environment? Also this probably sounds so pedantic that you "facepalm" your ass of but "not compiled" isn't really proper English grammar - it sounds like you hadn't done it yet. It should be something like "the build fails", "compilation fails", "unable to compile", "can't compile", "doesn't compile" and so on <:).

commented on 2010-09-21 13:41 (UTC)

updated. Not compiled... libtoolize: copying file `build/libtool.m4' libtoolize: copying file `build/ltoptions.m4' libtoolize: copying file `build/ltsugar.m4' libtoolize: copying file `build/ltversion.m4' libtoolize: copying file `build/lt~obsolete.m4' warning: macro `AM_PROG_VALAC' not found in library autoreconf: running: /usr/bin/autoconf --force error: possibly undefined macro: AM_PROG_VALAC If this token and others are legitimate, please use m4_pattern_allow. See the Autoconf documentation. autoreconf: /usr/bin/autoconf failed with exit status: 1 ==> ERROR: Makepkg was unable to build cairo-compmgr-git.

commented on 2010-09-21 12:09 (UTC)

thanks, all ok. This evening I will update

Det commented on 2010-09-21 11:45 (UTC)

Really? Well, here you go: E: Just tried the former link with two different proxies and sure enough, I couldn't download it with either on of them. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong with MediaFire...

commented on 2010-09-21 11:34 (UTC)

Det I can not download this... please upload this file to another host

Det commented on 2010-09-21 11:07 (UTC)

Here's the full thing (tarball): - flagging until fixed.

commented on 2010-09-20 16:21 (UTC)

As Det said, the fix is straightforward (one line). Within the build directory there is a file vapi/cairo-compmgr.deps - just change the line 'vala-1.0' to 'vala-0.10'. Make a diff file using diff -u. Then within the PKGBUILD add lines to patch said file with your saved diff.

Det commented on 2010-09-17 14:58 (UTC)

Sure, just rename or symlink all the "0.10" stuff to "1.0" (rather ugly to do that manually, though, since you'd also need to manually remove all that stuff when removing vala(-devel) with pacman). OR apply a patch to this thing to look for the "1.0" stuff from the "0.10" dirs.

commented on 2010-09-17 06:00 (UTC)

So it is possible to make?

Det commented on 2010-09-17 05:54 (UTC)

The stuff with even vala 0.9.8 (the latest one) is installed using the "vala-0.10" name. That is way even vala 0.9.8 won't work.

commented on 2010-08-29 16:53 (UTC)

not compiled...(( where to find vala 0.10???

commented on 2010-08-27 08:10 (UTC)

I don't know if it's some sort of dual versioning on vala's part, because I tried installing an older version of cairo-compmgr aswell, and then it complained over not finding vala-0.1. I removed the 'vala-devel' package I had installed from AUR, and installed version 0.8.1 from the official repositories instead, and the older cairo-compmgr installed fine.

commented on 2010-08-26 18:22 (UTC)


commented on 2010-08-26 10:42 (UTC)

Got this when I tried to compile it: configure: error: Package requirements (xcomposite, xdamage, xext, xi, sm, cairo >= 1.8.0, pixman-1 >= 0.16.0, gtk+-2.0 >= 2.16.0 vala-0.12 >= 0.9.7) were not met: No package 'vala-0.12' found The latest version of vala isn't new enough?

commented on 2010-08-11 18:06 (UTC)


Det commented on 2010-08-10 21:52 (UTC)

Please update the PKGBUILD:

Runiq commented on 2010-06-04 12:17 (UTC)

I have the following depends & makedepends: depends=('cairo' 'libxcomposite') makedepends=('gtk-doc' 'intltool' 'cvs') And it compiled and worked fine.

commented on 2010-04-20 12:49 (UTC)

Maybe move some of the deps to optdeps, since it can compile just fine without libgnomeui, etc.

Xaap commented on 2010-03-28 15:49 (UTC)

You should add 'cvs' to the makedepends, it is necessary for ./

orivej commented on 2010-03-25 01:01 (UTC)

arch=('any') is a nice idea, but since it is meant to be used for architecture independent packages (see ‘man PKGBUILD’), you should better use arch=('i686' 'x86_64') by default.