Package Details: downlords-faf-client 1:2022.12.0-1

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Package Base: downlords-faf-client
Description: Official client for Forged Alliance Forever
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Licenses: MIT
Submitter: sandwormsurfer
Maintainer: dcelasun
Last Packager: dcelasun
Votes: 7
Popularity: 0.94
First Submitted: 2019-01-03 19:34 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2023-01-03 10:56 (UTC)

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dcelasun commented on 2022-12-10 07:42 (UTC)

@Benzi-Junior which is in the base-devel group, which all AUR package assume you've already installed.

Benzi-Junior commented on 2022-12-10 00:01 (UTC)

The package "which" is needed to login, please add it as a dependency.

2022-12-09 23:50:32.535 ERROR 288170 --- [onPool-worker-2] c.f.client.login.LoginController : Could not log in rwith code

java.lang.RuntimeException: Cannot run program "which": error=2, No such file or directory

dasbene commented on 2022-08-18 12:48 (UTC)

The version is out of date and can not be played with anymore. Needs to be updated to "2022.8.0".

daz1st commented on 2022-08-13 11:07 (UTC)

2022-08-12 19:23:03.078 WARN 16114 --- [onPool-worker-7] : Could not connect to ICE adapter (attempt 1/50) 2022-08-12 19:23:03.330 WARN 16114 --- [onPool-worker-7] : Could not connect to ICE adapter (attempt 2/50) 2022-08-12 19:23:03.581 WARN 16114 --- [onPool-worker-7] : Could not connect to ICE adapter (attempt 3/50) 2022-08-12 19:23:03.833 WARN 16114 --- [onPool-worker-7] : Could not connect to ICE adapter (attempt 4/50) 2022-08-12 19:23:04.086 WARN 16114 --- [onPool-worker-7] : Could not connect to ICE adapter (attempt 5/50) 2022-08-12 19:23:04.337 WARN 16114 --- [onPool-worker-7] : Could not connect to ICE adapter (attempt 6/50) 2022-08-12 19:23:04.516 DEBUG 16114 --- [lication Thread] c.faforever.client.remote.AssetService : Using cached image: %USER_PROFILE%/.faforever/cache/maps/small/x1ca_coop_005.v0020.png 2022-08-12 19:23:04.727 INFO 16114 --- [or-http-epoll-6] c.f.client.fa.ForgedAllianceService : Starting Forged Alliance with command: [%USER_PROFILE%/downlords-faf-client/run, &s, /init, init.lua, /nobugreport, /log, %USER_PROFILE%/.faforever/logs/game_17745178.log, /gpgnet,, /mean, 1214.18, /deviation, 347.219, /savereplay, gpgnet://, /country, BA, /numgames, 12, /numgames, 6] in directory: %USER_PROFILE%/.faforever/bin wineserver: using server-side synchronization. wine: RLIMIT_NICE is <= 20, unable to use setpriority safely Setting breakpad minidump AppID = 9420 Steam_SetMinidumpSteamID: Caching Steam ID: 76561199173047779 [API loaded no] 2022-08-12 19:23:06.016 INFO 16114 --- [onPool-worker-7] : Forged Alliance terminated with exit code 0

This is some of the error code, would a clean system reinstall, then installing FAF manually work, there is tatsus guide, but Irdk what to do rn

daz1st commented on 2022-08-12 21:36 (UTC)


dcelasun commented on 2022-08-12 19:50 (UTC)

@daz1st no, that won't help. Please ask on the forums.

daz1st commented on 2022-08-12 19:49 (UTC)

@dcelasun Should I maybe re-install it? Or reinstall my Arch system

dcelasun commented on 2022-08-12 19:29 (UTC)

@daz1st your best bet is to ask on the Linux thread on FAF forums.

daz1st commented on 2022-08-12 19:10 (UTC)

Everything works fine, I had to create a run file to get the game running and I tried to run a custom game, however, in the terminal, It says that the ICE Adapter failed to start, along with some "-fx" errors. It does not work when it comes to creating a lobby or playing a game, a client, as a client, it works fine, but in-game functionality does not. Can you please detail me what am I supposed to do after building this package, I obviously had to do something to get it working, but why is this issue happening?

Everything apart from a few error logs including "-fx" which I assume are visual effects, and ICE Adapter, works.

dcelasun commented on 2022-03-08 16:44 (UTC)

@Benzi-Junior added gtk3 dependency, thanks!