Package Details: expressvpn 2.3.0_1-1

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Package Base: expressvpn
Description: Proprietary VPN client for Linux
Upstream URL:
Licenses: custom
Submitter: 2bluesc
Maintainer: 2bluesc (WorMzy)
Last Packager: WorMzy
Votes: 31
Popularity: 0.848751
First Submitted: 2016-03-26 03:18
Last Updated: 2019-09-26 14:32

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WorMzy commented on 2019-01-11 11:38

Please note that, from v2.0.0, ExpressVPN will be providing signed Arch packages on their website (alongside the deb and rpm packages). I'll be continuing to update this package, but for those that find using the AUR cumbersome or just don't want to wait, please be aware of this option.

EDIT: packages were delayed for testing, but seem to be live as of 2019-01-23.

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WorMzy commented on 2019-09-29 12:14

An alternative URL for the expressvpn packages can be found at

If you download and rename them to expressvpn_2.3.0-1_amd64.deb and expressvpn_2.3.0-1_amd64.deb.sig respectively, and put those files into the same directory with the modified PKGBUILD, it should work.

If all you need is the expressvpn.service file, that should look like this:

Description=ExpressVPN Daemon

ExecStart=/usr/sbin/expressvpnd --client-version 2.3.0 --client-build 100


I do worry that you are missing more files though -- the officially provided package does a lot more stuff in post-install scripts, so if that failed to execute for whatever reason, you might not have a fully working expressvpn installation.

triviiz commented on 2019-09-29 11:46

expressvpn package blocks the same way as the license did. I will try to contact expressvpn team directly, thanks for your help. This definitely has to do with China blocking expressvpn website. EDIT : Is it possible to get the expressvpn.service file from someone ?

evernow commented on 2019-09-29 11:38

Weird I had no issues updating using Pamac, goodjob maintaining the package WorMzy!

WorMzy commented on 2019-09-29 11:32

You'll need to seek support from the expressvpn-provided package from expressvpn themselves.

If you still want to try this package instead, removing the following lines should stop makepkg trying to download and package the licence webpage:

Line 16:


Line 22:


Line 41:

    install -Dm644 "${srcdir}/license-${_date}.html" "${pkgdir}/usr/share/licenses/${pkgname}/license.html"

triviiz commented on 2019-09-29 01:16

There is no expressvpn.service file in either directory. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I installed the package with the tar.gz downloaded from expressvpn website (from my cellphone). However, when I try to download the app from the AUR (using yay), the license download fails to start (stays at 0% without even the size being loaded). Also, it could be that I'm in China or that my install method was incorrect (yay -U filename).

WorMzy commented on 2019-09-28 09:13

The service is explicitly installed as part of the package process, if it was somehow missing, makepkg would fail. So that begs the question, what is the content of /usr/lib/systemd/system/expressvpn.service on your system? Have you made any overrides for expressvpn.service in /etc/systemd/system/ that might be causing problems?

triviiz commented on 2019-09-28 02:29

From v2.3 i cannot start expressvpn daemon

"systemctl start expressvpn.service" gives me "Failed to start expressvpn.service: Unit expressvpn.service not found."

"systemctl enable expressvpn.service" gives me "Failed to enable unit: Unit file expressvpn.service does not exist."

I tried "systemctl daemon-reload" but that didn't fix anything

WorMzy commented on 2019-08-30 09:22

@rgill: Dunno if you have been working with the eVPN guys, but auto_connect is fixed in 2.2.0:

$ zcat /usr/share/doc/expressvpn/changelog.gz | head
expressvpn (2.2.0)

* Improved activation & connection reliability in some countries.
* Fixed an issue where the app wouldn’t auto-connect on boot.


WorMzy commented on 2019-05-07 17:41

@rgill that would be a great help. If you find a solution that is easy to incorporate into the package, I'll happily include it.

rgill commented on 2019-05-06 08:36

@WorMzy thanks for the package! I started using it recently, however, I can confirm that the auto_connect is not working. If I look at my preferences, it is set to true but after a reboot it doesn't connect although the service is started. I have to manually run expressvpn connect.

For now I've set a autostart script to run every time on boot but I would like to help diagnose the issue in the package if you want.