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Description: A small linux framebuffer virtual terminal.
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Licenses: ISC
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Maintainer: aksr
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Last Updated: 2021-10-23 08:50

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OliverLew commented on 2021-11-26 07:54

In the last change, LICENSE file was removed from source files. Now when installing the license file, it can't be found in the desired position. That is because only source files are copied into $scrdir. Maybe LICENSE need to be added back to source.

m040601 commented on 2021-09-20 16:25

This PKGBUILD is outdated with unnecessary mandatory dependencies and urls.

And it fails to build with:

term.c:335:25: error: expected ‘;’ before ‘TERM’
  335 |         d[j++] = "TERM=" TERM;
      |                         ^~~~~
      |                         ;
make: *** [Makefile:7: term.o] Error 1
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().
checking dependencies...

I tested building this program without this PKGBUILD. And without any pathches or customization whatsover.

I just followed what the developer has to say in his homepage:

He links to, not has in the PKGBUILD. So I:

git clone

As stated in the README, you need a "tf type font": should edit conf.h.  To get fbpad running
you need to make sure FR points to a valid fbpad font (for testing
you can try 

That's all you need. No need for nothing more just to get this running. So:


Edit "conf.h" to point to the "" file and:


It built almost instantly. And the program works like a charm. All the framebuffer video players, pdf and image viewers work on it. (mpv, fbi, fbida, etc)

Really, really, underrated nice little tool.

m040601 commented on 2020-12-08 09:32

Not sure if this PKGBUILD is up to date. Is ft2tf really needed as a dependency ? Or just fbpad-mkfn-git ? Could the current PKGBUILD maintainer please comment ?


In 2016 the upstream developer made this change,

README: replace ft2tf with fbpad_mkfn

I also checked that apparently,

Valryne: BTW, the old `ft2tf' executable still works.

But as the developer explicitly states in his home page,

Jan 2016: I have uploaded fbpad_mkfn, *a replacement* for ft2tf, for generating fbpad font files. It can use either stb truetype header or freetype library.


fbpad_mkfn program (or its predecessor ft2tf)

He doesnt even has a git repo for ft2tf,, unlike all his other projects.

Nowhere can I see any need for ft2tf anymore.

In 2017, this PKGBUILD maintainer made this change,

Use fbpad-mkfn if it's available...

So that, as of today, we have

makedepends=('git' 'ft2tf' 'ttf-dejavu')

and then a line

if [ -x /usr/bin/fbpad-mkfn ]; then FT2TF="fbpad-mkfn -h20 -w10"; SZ="17h120v100b0a1"; else FT2TF=ft2tf; SZ=6; fi

Is this really needed ? Shouldnt ft2tf be completely removed from the PKGBUILD dependencies ? And only use fbpad-mkfn-git ?

keiichiiownsu12 commented on 2020-11-12 01:45

@m040601 When launching programs in fbpad, the framebuffer does not update, not unless I swtich to another tty.

E.g. if I run fbpad, Alt+c to open a terminal, and run ls, I will still have a black screen. If I switch to another tty and then back again, the fbpad display is updated (e.g. with the ls output).

Is there something I am doing wrong here? Do I need some sort of multiplexer or other program?

m040601 commented on 2020-07-27 21:01


Any idea why all I see is a blackscreen when I run fbpad ?

Try first ALT-c to open a shell, and then less /usr/share/doc/fbpad/README.

Yeah, this program is very cool but doesnt include any man page. You have to read the installed /usr/share/doc/fbpad/README.

Everything is basicly controlled by the ALT key. When you start you have an empty workspace. It works a bit like dwm. What he calls "TAGS" are workspaces.

see this line in conf.h

#define TAGS        "xnlhtr01uiva-"

So ALT-x or ALT-n etc. ... switches to workspace x,n etc...

I recommend to change to

#define TAGS        "123"

otherwise this program "eats" a lot of your ALT binding.

ALT-TAB, ALT-o switches back or to the last workspace CONTROL-ALT-q quits fbpad

m040601 commented on 2020-07-27 20:25

I can't build on, Linux 5.7.10-arch1-1

==> Starting build()...
cc -c -Wall -O2 fbpad.c
fbpad.c: In function ‘directkey’:
fbpad.c:160:9: warning: null argument where non-null required (argument 1) [-Wnonnull]
  160 |    if (!strcmp(PASS, pass))
      |         ^~~~~~
cc -c -Wall -O2 term.c
term.c: In function ‘term_exec’:
term.c:344:33: error: expected ‘}’ before ‘TERM’
  344 |   char *envp[MAXENV] = {"TERM=" TERM};
      |                        ~        ^~~~
make: *** [Makefile:7: term.o] Error 1
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().
error making: %!s(func() string=0x55c22040f410)

I then did what @StackException said and add this to conf.h

define TERM "xterm-kitty"

Pay attention, it's conf.h, not config.h. If you put it in config.h it won't compile

The config.h seems to be put there by this AUR package. There is no config.h in the original source. I find the name confusing. Should be named conf.example.h or conf.default.h

Anyway after this it compiles and seems to be working fine. Not sure if this is an Arch problem or an upstream one.

m040601 commented on 2020-07-27 20:23

A small reminder to the maintainers of this package. Keep an eye on, for possible or future canonical git repo changes.

This developer, who makes all these very interesting packages, is called Ali Gholami Rudi and his home page is

He publishes his work in 2 different git repos, which until now seem to be in sync:

This AUR package is pulling from But on his homepage he points the links to github

StackException commented on 2020-05-23 10:52


define TERM "xterm-kitty" or some other

to conf.h to fix compilation error. (thanks to ) (Upstream source doesn't have this problem, but requires font setting up to work).

Any idea why all I see is a blackscreen when I run fbpad ?

aksr commented on 2017-04-12 14:17

erez: You're right.

erez commented on 2017-04-12 09:57

bash, mutt and vim are not dependencies of fbpad and are not required by it in any sense, and should not be forced on the user.