Package Details: flrig 1.4.7-1

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Package Base: flrig
Description: Amateur (Ham) Radio Transceiver Control Program
Upstream URL:
Licenses: GPL
Conflicts: flrig-git
Provides: flrig
Submitter: adx
Maintainer: not_anonymous
Last Packager: not_anonymous
Votes: 10
Popularity: 0.013179
First Submitted: 2013-09-08 17:01 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2022-08-02 21:50 (UTC)

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not_anonymous commented on 2022-02-21 15:16 (UTC)

New deps and new rel number...

sp6ina commented on 2021-12-26 18:34 (UTC)

Can you update this pkg, (the newest is 1.4.4) ?

df8oe commented on 2020-11-18 09:53 (UTC)

Thanks - stay healthy!

not_anonymous commented on 2020-11-18 01:55 (UTC)


df8oe commented on 2020-11-16 17:34 (UTC) (edited on 2020-11-16 17:40 (UTC) by df8oe)

It looks like sources have increased version - the one in the package get error 404...

not_anonymous commented on 2020-08-10 03:34 (UTC)

flxmlrpc is a dependency and I had no problems downloading AND compiling it here on a test run just now. Um, I did experience some odd networking behavior after a "pacman -Syu" earlier today. (I ended up doing some rather involved work to fix the networking issueS. Yep there was more than one thing that changed....sigh.) I would suggest some remedial work/testing/validation. GL OM ES VY 73.

felmey commented on 2020-08-09 00:06 (UTC) (edited on 2020-08-09 00:25 (UTC) by felmey)

Has anyone been able to get this to work? Whenever I try to install it just hangs when trying to download...

==> Making package: flxmlrpc 0.1.4-1 (Sat 08 Aug 2020 08:03:42 PM EDT)
==> Checking runtime dependencies...
==> Checking buildtime dependencies...
==> Retrieving sources...
  -> Downloading flxmlrpc-0.1.4.tar.gz...
  % Total    % Received % Xferd  Average Speed   Time    Time     Time  Current
                                                        Dload     Upload  Total   Spent    Left    Speed
  0         0    0         0        0         0           0             0   --:--:-   0:00:42 --:--:--               0

not_anonymous commented on 2020-08-05 00:37 (UTC)

GI_Jack; Actually the repo is in the same exact place as before, and a pkgver update "fixed" the "source upstream" issue you noted below. (Um, yep W1HKJ has linked older versions from the url you indicated below. Been there AND have the tee-shirt.)

GI_Jack commented on 2020-08-04 00:28 (UTC) (edited on 2020-08-04 17:53 (UTC) by GI_Jack)

Please switch source upstream: source=(${pkgver}.tar.gz)

edit: updated PKGBUILD

not_anonymous commented on 2020-04-05 00:14 (UTC)

Updated !

not_anonymous commented on 2019-06-10 15:37 (UTC)


ALSO: Rest assured, the package maintainers DO know how to update a package. WE simply request that you flag a package "out-of-date", which you did, and wait patiently. (i.e. Without comments on what fields to change in the PKGBUILD. All of the maintainers already know how to do this....really.)........ AS you can see: it was updated the very next day !!!

EmpiricalPython commented on 2019-06-09 12:41 (UTC)

Curl command in PKGBUILD fails with error 404 when anything than the current version of the source is downloaded.

curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found ==> ERROR: Failure while downloading <> Aborting...

current solution is to manually update the version and hashes in PKGBUILD on lines;

pkgver=1.3.45 md5sums=('984fa1828d2a3d854bc56f5b94fea996') sha256sums=('5b68785114e8ac3128e85b6fc20518479e6d5e741d1e7a0410b28c4939f63693')

with the current version values for the source tar.gz

not_anonymous commented on 2019-04-18 14:39 (UTC)


nl13067 commented on 2019-04-15 18:12 (UTC)

1.3.43 released

not_anonymous commented on 2018-02-20 17:23 (UTC) (edited on 2018-02-20 17:26 (UTC) by not_anonymous)

Updated. PLEASE, in the future, just flag a package as out of date and the Maintainer will be notified IMMEDIATELY and see to the update in due course. For those of use that use cli aur-helpers (like yaourt and others); putting a diff file here in the comments amounts to unwanted clutter when it is 35 lines of text and yet only contains the updated package version number and md5sum/sha256 info.

redshadow commented on 2018-02-20 11:59 (UTC) (edited on 2018-02-20 12:00 (UTC) by redshadow)

New version 1.3.39 (and the source for 1.3.38 is gone). Patch for the PKGBUILD (not sure if there is a way to submit patches / pull requests in a more automated way, sorry..):

From e3bbc88c6a834715c5b1cbf6a1750fe59777bc7b Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Samuele Santi <>
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2018 11:56:38 +0000
Subject: [PATCH] Upgrade to 1.3.39

 PKGBUILD | 8 ++++----
 1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

diff --git a/PKGBUILD b/PKGBUILD
index [`66ff2ca`]( 100644
@@ -1,8 +1,8 @@
 # Maintainer: not_anonymous <>
-# Contributor: Anthony DeStefano <> 
+# Contributor: Anthony DeStefano <>

 pkgdesc="Amateur (Ham) Radio Transceiver Control Program"
 arch=('i686' 'x86_64')
@@ -32,5 +32,5 @@ package() {

    make DESTDIR="$pkgdir" install

not_anonymous commented on 2018-01-31 00:17 (UTC)


not_anonymous commented on 2018-01-05 12:24 (UTC)


not_anonymous commented on 2017-11-04 15:19 (UTC) (edited on 2017-11-04 15:20 (UTC) by not_anonymous) mny tnxs fer the "heads-up" om !

ta33ers commented on 2017-11-04 06:28 (UTC)

There is a new version of this package available 1.3.36, I was able to build it by editing the PKGBUILD: Line 5 change: pkgver=1.3.34 to pkgver=1.3.36 Line 35 change: md5sums=('bbe460d1e33e3c7cbe4e1d5e26a60c2d') to md5sums=('a80358fe9ccf00de612fe82c965db0aa') Line 36 change: sha256sums=('6a6311c2cf3d533f0ac10d7e6b8c6b9ef71c6ce98a7baa2e5c8aeb7e5f91f96f') to sha256sums=('19705e9f5280cb15fae94c94596c1bdfd6c90eea08d1036821406fc848ecf4a3') I hope this helps, I was able to build, and install without trouble after making these changes. Thank you not_anonymous for maintaining this program.

not_anonymous commented on 2017-08-09 19:20 (UTC)


not_anonymous commented on 2017-02-22 20:16 (UTC) (edited on 2017-02-22 21:11 (UTC) by not_anonymous)

Adopted & Updated !!

not_anonymous commented on 2017-02-20 22:33 (UTC)

This has been put of date for over half a year !!! Current version is now at 1.3.28

wbhinton commented on 2016-09-21 01:47 (UTC) (edited on 2016-09-21 01:50 (UTC) by wbhinton)

The link for the download is out of date. It looks like they updated from 1.3.25 to 1.3.26

freaknils commented on 2015-12-10 10:24 (UTC)

There is a problem with the source path: ist 404 Not Found. Please check it!