Package Details: gnome-shell-extension-caffeine-git 37.r0.g1ae1625-1

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Package Base: gnome-shell-extension-caffeine-git
Description: Fill the cup to inhibit auto suspend and screensaver.
Upstream URL:
Licenses: GPLv2
Conflicts: gnome-shell-extension-caffeine
Provides: gnome-shell-extension-caffeine
Submitter: XZS
Maintainer: Kubax
Last Packager: Kubax
Votes: 41
Popularity: 0.040468
First Submitted: 2014-01-30 15:46 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2020-12-16 17:53 (UTC)

Latest Comments

ignapk commented on 2020-08-12 13:46 (UTC) (edited on 2020-08-12 16:27 (UTC) by ignapk)

@lunaryorn to fix pkgver function replace it in PKGBUILD with:

pkgver() {
  cd ${_gitname:-$pkgname}
  ( set -o pipefail
    git describe --long --tags 2>/dev/null | sed 's/[^[:digit:]]*\(.\+\)-\([[:digit:]]\+\)-g\([[:xdigit:]]\{7\}\)/\1.r
\2.g\3/;t;q1' ||
    printf "r%s.%s" "$(git rev-list --count HEAD)" "$(git rev-parse --short HEAD)"

EDIT: or, even better, replace it with this tag-only approach for simplicity:

pkgver() {
  cd ${_gitname:-$pkgname}
  git describe --long | sed 's/^v//;s/\([^-]*-g\)/r\1/;s/-/./g'

lunaryorn commented on 2020-04-26 18:22 (UTC) (edited on 2020-04-26 18:23 (UTC) by lunaryorn)

I get a failure in pkgver:

==> Extracting sources...
  -> Creating working copy of gnome-shell-extension-caffeine git repo...
Switched to a new branch 'makepkg'
==> Starting pkgver()...
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in pkgver().

zed123 commented on 2019-08-14 15:40 (UTC)

@XZS Can you please remove the unify_conveniencejs section from the PKGBUILD?

nickcis commented on 2019-04-02 03:06 (UTC)

Currently, there is a PR ( ) which fixes the icon bug.

JulianXhokaxhiu commented on 2019-03-17 19:09 (UTC) (edited on 2019-03-17 19:10 (UTC) by JulianXhokaxhiu)

For anyone having issues on Gnome 3.32:

package_03_unify_conveniencejs() {
  ln -fs \
    ../ \
  • Build and install the package as usual


183.amir commented on 2019-03-16 11:38 (UTC)

I agree. It is clearly mentioned that caffeine is not maintained anymore and the best alternative is

houbaron commented on 2018-10-05 11:53 (UTC)

Maybe we should switch to .

getzze commented on 2017-10-19 18:52 (UTC)

The .install file is not needed, pacman hooks recompile the schemas automatically

postadelmaga commented on 2017-05-07 16:31 (UTC)

I got these errors, installing it with yaourt: ==> ERROR: Integrity checks are missing for: source ==> ERROR: Makepkg was unable to build gnome-shell-extension-caffeine-git.

XZS commented on 2017-01-17 22:38 (UTC)

It seems you have altered your PATH variable. I suspect keeping an unexpanded ~ there could have far worse implications than prohibiting the installation of a package. Replacing "~/bin" with "/home/youruser/bin" should be more secure. But you may have your reasons to do so, so concerning only this package, try to execute aura with an unmodified PATH or forge it, for example by executing "PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin aura -A gnome-shell-extension-caffeine-git"

auk commented on 2017-01-17 02:34 (UTC) (edited on 2017-01-17 02:34 (UTC) by auk)

got this error while trying to install today (with aura): > find: The relative path ‘~/bin’ is included in the PATH environment variable, which is insecure in combination with the -execdir action of find. Please remove that entry from $PATH > grep: metadata.json: No such file or directory > ==> ERROR: A failure occurred in package(). > Aborting... full output from aura:

XZS commented on 2016-11-03 13:50 (UTC)

I experience this, too, but it never occurred to me that this phenomenon could be linked to caffeine. But I tested and the relation is apparent. Thank you for the notice! An issue already exists upstream.

TheChickenMan commented on 2016-06-06 05:50 (UTC)

Enabling this extension causes the computer to hang (10-15 seconds) after selecting shutdown/reboot or logout from the gnome3 menu. Terminal commands are unaffected.

XZS commented on 2015-04-30 15:17 (UTC)

Indeed, the branch is gone as upstream has merged it. So we can simply throw the fragment away. Thank you for the notice.

hpstg commented on 2015-04-28 16:21 (UTC)

I fixed it by changing the url line in the PKGBUILD from: url="" to url="" Now it compiles and works just fine with Gnome 3.16.

hpstg commented on 2015-04-28 16:18 (UTC)

"Cannot update paths and switch to branch 'makepkg' at the same time" This is the error I get as of today.