Package Details: holland-mongodump 1.2.12-1

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Package Base: holland
Description: Holland Backup Provider for MongoDB mongodump
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Keywords: backup database mariadb mongodb mysql postgresql python
Licenses: GPL2
Submitter: tengel
Maintainer: f0ff886f
Last Packager: f0ff886f
Votes: 6
Popularity: 0.000000
First Submitted: 2014-12-12 04:24 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2024-06-09 11:42 (UTC)

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vilarnt commented on 2024-06-03 01:44 (UTC) (edited on 2024-06-03 19:36 (UTC) by vilarnt)

Unfortunately the Holland Backup project seems to be stalled (last commit was more than 2 years ago) and already showing signs of its age (it does not run unpatched under Python 3.11 and up). Since I stopped using it myself, I decided to disown this AUR package. Farewell!

hexadecagram commented on 2024-03-30 19:38 (UTC)

Cloning the git repository (master branch) and installing it manually using python -m build and python -m installer seems to work fine.

hexadecagram commented on 2024-01-11 09:19 (UTC) (edited on 2024-01-13 02:58 (UTC) by hexadecagram)

Holland requires some patching to work with Python 3.11.

I have thrown together this zsh function to do a clean rebuild (note yay -Rcs):

pacman_upgrade_holland () {
    local PKGBUILD=$(mktemp)
    local patch=$(mktemp)
    trap "rm -f $PKGBUILD $patch" EXIT
    cat >! $PKGBUILD <<'EOF'
--- /home/acc/.cache/yay/holland/PKGBUILD       2023-09-24 18:13:15.130979110 -0700
+++ /home/acc/bak/PKGBUILD      2023-09-24 18:45:18.591404175 -0700
@@ -23,6 +23,7 @@
 prepare() {
   cd "${srcdir}"
   find -name setup.cfg -delete
+  patch -d "${srcdir}/${pkgname}-${pkgver}" -i $patch -p0

 build() {
    cat >! $patch <<'EOF'
--- holland/core/command/    2021-12-02 10:23:56.000000000 -0800
+++ holland/core/command/ 2023-09-24 17:36:30.828740377 -0700
@@ -86,6 +86,10 @@
     description = " "

     def __init__(self):
+        if in SUBPARSER.choices:
+            self.optparser = SUBPARSER.choices[]
+            return
         self.optparser = SUBPARSER.add_parser(
             help="%s %s" % (, self.description),
    yay -Rcs --noconfirm holland 2> /dev/null
    pacman_install \
        --answerclean All \
        --answeredit All \
        --cleanmenu \
        --editmenu \
        --editor patch \
        --editorflags "-Nbfi\ $PKGBUILD" \
        --noconfirm \
        --rebuild \

vilarnt commented on 2020-03-03 21:25 (UTC)

Holland now requires the pymysql Python package, so I added python-pymysql to the dependency list in release 1.2.1-2.

f0ff886f commented on 2020-03-03 20:59 (UTC)

I noticed nightly failures with holland 1.2.1 in my backup timers, and it turns out it was complaining that no module pymysql could be found. I believe it may have started with the update to 1.2.1, I didn't catch the issue for a long time.

f0ff886f commented on 2019-02-24 20:49 (UTC)

FYI, the package requires python-configobj now:

pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: The 'configobj>=4.6.0' distribution was not found and is required by holland

tengel commented on 2018-07-15 23:02 (UTC)

Holland is now Python 3 native with the release of 1.1.0-1. This is also a pretty big update in packaging to align with the EPEL packaging design ( -> "Fedora Rawhide"), splitting out lvm and mysql from the Common package, and adding the new plugins (mongodump, mariabackup). Dependencies of each child package were rearranged accordingly.

By necessity, the MySQL client library dependency has changed from mysql-python (no py3 support) to python-mysqlclient (py3 native) -- they seem interchangeable, I've done a bit of testing on a clean VM to ensure at least the basic plugin functionality is working (mysqldump, pgdump, xtrabackup, mariabackup, mongodump) with a default install of each server type.